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An Essential Layering Solution!

Fashion Trends and Friends were eager to collaborate and try out Halftee! For me, this seemed like a fantastic concept because I almost always layer my tops for more coverage, smoother silhouette, etc. Halftees will make it easy to transition your wardrobe from the warmer months to the cooler months. They come in a great variety of colors, styles, sleeve lengths and sizes from little girls to maternity to size 3X. There’s a Halftee option for everyone!


The Boyfriend Halftee

Lori is wearing the Boyfriend Halftee! The band fits right under the girls. It keeps the Halftee from moving. The fact that it’s only half keeps the amount of material to a minimum, which is great for no extra bulk!

We were going to post pictures of us in just the Halftee but our white middles are super unattractive! HA

On a side note, we are loving Jergens Glow for a natural looking tan and to keep our midsections from being glow in the dark white! Both Lori and I recommend the medium to dark lotion.

The Boyfriend Halftee is perfect under this low cut black top especially for wearing to work. Lori is also super self-conscious about her arms. She would never wear a sleeveless top but the Boyfriend Halftee is a perfect solution for both her arms and the low cut top! Winner Winner!

This hot pink top is low cut and sleeveless so the Boyfriend Halftee was a great layering piece for this office look! However, Lori did not feel the two types of material paired well until see the layered on her jacket!

A jacket, a top and a Halftee work perfect together! Lori is constantly experiencing Hot Flashes see post here: How to Stay Cool in the Office When Hot Flashes Strike. So the Halftee is a far better solution with less material than other options like a full length cami or tank!


The Basic Halftee

I choose the Basic Halftee and paired it with this romper. While I don’t mind wearing my strapless bra, this is a great layering option so that I can wear my regular bra and have a little extra coverage especially if where I’m going has the air conditioning blasting. The Basic Halftee comes in nine colors and sizes XS-3X. As you know, I’m very busty. I’m able to wear the M/L.

Another really great thing about Halftees is that you can wear them two ways. I could have reversed this for a higher scoop in the front and a lower scoop in the back. I choose to wear the lower scoop in the front and the higher scoop in the back. You can also see the great coverage it gives me on my backside.

Next, I paired my Basic Halftee with this leopard print embellished dress. The Basic Halftee is perfect under this dress as the material of the dress is body skimming so the Halftee doesn’t add any extra bulk underneath. Plus the material in the armpit area of the dress tends to gap causing you to be able to see more than I’d like so this is the perfect solution!

Don’t you love when you can shop your closet, add one new piece (Basic Halftee) and what was once old is new again! Winner Winner! HA!

Doing a happy dance about all the uses I’m finding for the Basic Halftee! I haven’t had this much fun shopping my closet in a long time!

Wearing this dress is a big deal for me! I bought this dress years ago so long ago I don’t even remember. It’s been hanging in my closet with the tags still on it. I brought it home and decided it didn’t look good on me as I was too heavy and was uncomfortable in it. Not sure why I kept it but super glad I did! I was sooooo excited to pull off the tags and pair it with my Basic Halftee. As you can see the straps on the dress would require me to wear a strapless bra but the Basic Halftee fits well underneath and allows me to wear my regular bra! Winner Winner!

On a side note, Lori and I have been doing Weight Watchers and we provide weekly updates on Wednesdays – “Weight Watching Wednesdays”. My weight loss is allowing me to create a whole new wardrobe and more confidence to wear things I didn’t think possible. Follow us on Facebook!

Here you can see the lower scoop in the front and the higher scoop in the back. Love that it’s reversible!

Summer Lite Tank

The Summer Lite Tank Halftee comes in six colors. Similar to the other Halftees it provides additional coverage without the extra material. I paired it with this maxi dress, which has been in my closet with the tags on since last summer. I like the fact that I can wear my regular bra and don’t have to mess with my strapless bra. It also provides additional coverage in the armpit area. This enables me to feel more confident wearing it out without worrying about too much skin showing!

Lastly, the Summer Lite Tank Halftee was a perfect solution for this deep v top without adding extra bulk and material on a hot summer day! Winner Winner!

Lori and I give the Halftee layering solution two thumbs up!

If you’d like to purchase a Halftee, use code FTF20 to receive a 20% discount. This code will be good until August 23rd.

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