How to Style a Graphic Tee!

by Shanthomas87

Most of us probably all have a graphic tee or two in our closet right now, (or if you are like me, you might have several!) but how often do you wear it? Today we are going to style a graphic tee three ways and hopefully give you a new idea or two of how to wear it! (This exact tee is from Amazon and under $15)

Look # 1-

Up first is the most causal of the three! This is honestly how I style my graphic tees most of the time. I like to pair it with a pair of leggings or joggers, a pair of sneakers, and throw a hat on to complete the look! Perfect for running errands or headed out to watch your kid’s soccer game!

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Look # 2-

Next up, let’s make that graphic tee a little more put together. I love adding a blazer over my tees! It instantly gives it a little edgy look… and depending on where you work, maybe even work wear! I love to wear my graphic tees in the classroom like this, and my 5th graders always give me compliments on it! So I’m calling that a win!! I paired it here with black jeans, but regular blue jeans would make it even more causal.

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Look # 3-

Last up, pair it with a skirt or dress! I love mixing it up with something you wouldn’t expect! You can easily wear any graphic tee on top of a slip dress or with a skirt to create a whole new look! I added a pair of booties to take this outfit to a whole new level!

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There you have it! One graphic tee, three ways to wear it! Which is your favorite?! Comment down below and let me know!

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