Winter Outfit Inspo - How to Choose, Style, and Wear a Trench Coat

Alarna Hope
by Alarna Hope

When it comes to buying a trench coat with the perfect fit, there are three things you need to pay attention to. In this tutorial, I not only teach how a trench coat should fit, but I will also show you a couple of different styling techniques for your timeless trench coat.

Focus on key fit areas

Three key factors 

When it comes to buying a trench coat that fits you well, there are three key factors to take into account. The shoulders, the waist, and the length are what make or break a great trench coat. You also want to pay attention to how timeless the piece actually is and, of course, to the quality. 

Trench coat fit women

The first key factor to talk about is the shoulders. You want the shoulder seam to sit perfectly on the edge of your shoulder. Avoid buying a coat that hangs off your shoulder or pulls the material too tight in that area. 

Check the waist fit

The next factor that needs to be looked at is the waist, Whether you plan on wearing the trench coat open or closed, you first want to make sure that you can actually do up all of the buttons. Check to see that the fabric isn’t pulling across your hips, chest, or waist. 

Choose the length

When it comes to the length factor, I have a really great tip to share. You want to make sure the trench coat doesn’t end on the thickest part of your calf. If you want a longer look, find a coat that ends where your calf starts to angle down towards your ankle. If you are going for something shorter, try to find something above the knee, but it shouldn’t end on the widest part of your hips. 

Choose the sleeve length

Sleeve length 

Sleeve length is another aspect to consider. When measuring the sleeve length, you want to make sure you are looking at it when your arm is straight against your side. You can have a sleeve that falls on the crease between your wrist and hand. If you want longer than that, remember that the maximum length is the line where your thumb begins. 

Buy good quality


Quality is so important when choosing the right trench coat! Make sure that you buy a natural fabric like cotton or wool. You also want to make sure that the coat has a full lining. Having a good quality trench coat not only looks better, but it will last longer as well. 

Look after your trench coat

When investing in a garment like a trench coat, you want to be able to look after it for life. Make sure that you check the label so that you know exactly how to take care of it. 

How should a trench coat fit

Trench coat outfits 

I’ve put together a couple of outfits that showcase gorgeous ways to style a trench coat. In this look, I went for a bit more of a casual style. I am wearing a pair of leather pants, an untucked denim shirt, and a pair of patterned, slip-on shoes. I added a crossbody bag that matches the black of the pants. This is a pretty simple outfit but the trench coat gives it something extra!

Wear a professional look

This next outfit is more work appropriate. I am wearing a gorgeous, dark green cashmere jumper with a high neck. I paired this top with a pair of green work pants of a similar shade. I added in a nice pair of tan heels to match the trench coat. I love the cropped pants with the trench coat. The two pieces definitely help elongate my body! 

Style a trench coat

This look is more of a going out outfit. I love this black mini dress with my thigh-high boots. If it was really cold out I might add a pair of tights to this look. The trench coat is more than enough to keep me warm in the Australian winters. The trench coat is such a versatile statement piece! I would love to hear which look you like best in the comments below! 

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