How to Look Glamorous on a Dog Walk!

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Being stuck inside a lot at the moment, the only time many of us get a chance to wear something other than leggings is when we go for our daily walk. However, lots of us like to explore nature when we go for those walks, especially those of us with furry friends.

Here's some tips to stay glam while still bearing practicality and comfort in mind!

Wellies are of course a must-have if your daily walk takes you through less manicured country parks and woodlands. They can however ruin a great outfit so get yourself a pair you really love. If you've got wide calves, Joules do some beautiful options that are shorter (about mid-calf height) so you won't struggle to get them on and off but they will still protect from the elements.

If you've got a big dog that's likely to get all muddy and then jump up at your pristine white jeans, then maybe skip those. Instead, focus on your top half, where your own dog and even strangers' dogs are less likely to reach. A floral mini dress like the one in the photo above works well because it looks cute, but is machine-washable if you do get dirt on it, and also can be worn with wellies and opaque tights which are not so precious when you're out and about in muddy areas.

There are other practical footwear options besides wellies. These snake print boots make a statement but have a low enough heel and are grippy enough on the bottom that they can be worn on countryside walks. However, if you're going to do this, make sure you go somewhere where you already know what the terrain will be like. If you're going somewhere new, definitely wear wellies when you're first scoping it out!

A scarf is also a stylish yet practical accessory - we're not quite in such warm weather yet that scarves need to be packed away. You can also keep it glam by wearing coats that you can cinch in at the waist with a tie-belt, to ensure you're warm and cosy but still showing off that beautiful shape.

Of course, another way to look glam on a countryside walk is to make an effort with your hair and make-up beforehand. If it's a windy day, try an interesting updo. Minimal, natural-looking make-up is a quick and easy way to ensure your overall look is elegant and polished. Brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Bare Minerals do this style of make-up really well.

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