How to DIY Dupe Gucci Snake Sneakers

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What's up, guys? Today, we're going to be making some dupe Gucci snake sneakers.

The Gucci snake is this really cool design that they've been putting on their bags, their wallets, and their shoes. Honestly, one day I'm going to have to pull the trigger and buy a Gucci Snake product because they're so freaking cool.

We're going to be recreating one of Gucci’s $500 to $600 shoes on a pair of Stan Smith Adidas sneakers, which are literally a fraction of that price. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Stan Smith Adidas sneakers
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Detail brush
  • Finisher

1. Mixing your colors

We’re going to need about six different colors. The green color for the Gucci logo is a mixture of 15% flat black and 85% green.

You’re going to need a dark red for the Gucci logo as well. You can create that red with a mixture of 20% chili red, 70% red and 10% flat black.

You’re also going to need a lighter red for your snake. That red is a mixture of 60% chili red and 40% red.

For the dark gray color of the stripes of the snake, you’ll need to mix 80% gray and 20% flat white.

You will also need flat white and flat black, and those colors do not require any mixing.


Using acetone

2. Use acetone to prep your surface before painting

Apply white paint

3. Apply 1 – 2 thin coats of white paint

Paint the surface of the shoe white first. It’s difficult to draw on leather with pencil. Painting it white first will make it easier for you to sketch.  


Applying masking tape

4. Apply masking tape

Use your masking tape to make your Gucci logo. The concept is pretty simple.

Reference a photo to see where you need to place your masking tape. Make sure your tape is aligned correctly in order to avoid any crooked lines.

5. Apply red and green paint

Once you have the tape down, apply 7 - 9 coats of our red and green.

When you take the tape off you should get a nice, clean looking logo.

Sketching the snake

6. Sketch the snake with pencil

This step is going to make or break your custom. This is the most important part, so make sure that you take your time and do your best.

Drawing out the snake, you want to make sure that it's the right size and centered.


Sketching the snake

Notice the top and bottom of the snake reach the top and bottom of the panel. This will help you draw a proportional figure.

Keep in mind that your pencil does have an eraser, so if something doesn't look right, you can always erase it and start over.

Outlining the snake

7. Outline the snake with flat white before filling it in 

Filling in the snake

8. Fill in your snake with 2 coats of flat white

Filling in the snake

9. Use your lighter red color to fill in the snake 

Adding shading

10. Shading

A ton of you guys have been asking me how I do my shading.

Take a bit of the background color and a tiny bit of flat black paint.

Once you spread the two out, you're going to notice they start to mix together and give you a darker version of your background color. That color is going to be perfect for shading.

You're going to want to work fairly quickly because the paint dries really fast.

Adding lines

11. Use your gray to create evenly spread lines throughout the snake

Paint a large portion of gray on the tail.

Adding lines

12. Paint white lines on either side of every gray stripe

Also, paint a few white lines on the gray portion of the tail.


Outlining the snake

13. Outline the snake

Use flat black and a detail brush to draw a very thin outline around the snake.

Adding white

14. Cover the back panel with flat white before painting it red

The back panel on the other shoe will be painted green.


Covering Stan Smith logo

15. Apply multiple layers of flat white to cover the Stan Smith logo 

Applying a finisher

16. Apply a finisher to seal the paint 

Use a duller for a matte finish.

DIY Dupe Gucci snake sneakers

DIY Dupe Gucci snake sneakers

I am so happy with how these custom painted sneakers came out!

They look just like the Gucci sneakers, but you are literally saving hundreds of dollars with this DIY project. Leave me a comment and let me know how yours came out.  

Suggested materials:
  • Stan Smith Adidas sneakers
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
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