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Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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Spring is here, which means it’s time to start breaking out the cute spring hairstyles. This look is one of my favorites, and it uses a hair scarf.

Hair scarves are the perfect accessory for the season because you can play around with season-appropriate colors and patterns to match every outfit.

Let’s get into the tutorial.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair scarf
Sectioning hair

1. Section the top

Section the top of your hair and pull it back.

Adding scarf

2. Tie the scarf around the section

Use the scarf to tie the section back. Tie the scarf into a simple knot. 

Combining sections

3. Combine two sections on the side of your head

Take two sections from the side of your hair and combine them in the back of your head. 

Tying scarf

4. Tie the combined section with a scarf

Tie the scarf around the combined sections.

5. Finish the faux braid

Continue steps 3 and 4 a few more times and stagger the faux braid until you reach your shoulders.

Let the rest of your hair and the tail of the scarf fall the rest of the way.

Scarf braid for spring

Spring hair hack

How cute is this braided scarf hairdo for spring? I'm obsessed with it and I'm sure you will be too.

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair scarf

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