Transitional Outfits From Winter to Spring

Dana Kind of Day
by Dana Kind of Day

Meta title: Transitional Outfits From Winter To Spring

Meta description: Spring is coming - are you ready? It’s time to go through your wardrobe and start getting some outfits together. I’ve styled six stylish Spring outfits to help get you into the Spring vibe.

Here I’m going to be showing you how to style transitional outfits from Winter to Spring. Soon it will be time to put away your thick Winter coats and pull out something a bit lighter. Spring can be chilly though, so I’m going to be showing you how to pull together outfits that are great to wear when there’s a bit of a breeze. Let’s get to it:

Winter to spring transition outfits

Outfit 1

Transitioning from winter to spring, you want to make sure that you have layers. Layers can look relaxed and fun and add a more exciting look to your outfit. So here, if I’m chilly, I can just put a blazer on top, and if I’m warmer, I can just take off the blazer and carry it. This outfit you can wear for brunch, for running errands, you can really wear it for anything.

Winter spring transition outfits

Outfit 2

For this next outfit, I decided to go with a dress. I feel that Spring yells ‘dress’ to me, but at the same time, I’m casual because I’m wearing sneakers. I put this hoodie on top of my shoulders, and if I get cold, then I can just wear the hoodie on top of the dress. I can’t wait to rock this outfit during Spring.

Spring outfits

Outfit 3

For the next outfit, I went pretty classy but still cute. If it’s chilly, I can wear the blazer, and if it’s warm, then I can take the blazer off, and I have a little crop top underneath. I’m wearing lots of different tones of brown in this outfit, and I love how they complement each other and create a unified look.

Easy spring outfits

Outfit 4

I love this look, I feel like it would be great for traveling, and I think that the scarf adds a lot here and adds more of a chic feel. The sunglasses are the cherry on the cake to this look.

Basic spring outfits

Outfit 5

Here I’ve gone with over-the-knee because they’re such a fun piece to style for spring. The sweater gives a pop of color, and the print is so cool.

How to dress for spring

Outfit 6

Last but not least, I’ve gone for a very casual outfit, but it still looks put together. I really like it - it’s definitely a grab-and-go outfit. The shirt is faux leather which is a great material to wear in spring - don’t forget about it when planning your spring wardrobe.

So my real must-haves for spring that I’ll be wearing a lot are my over-the-knee boots and my faux leather items. My top tip is to layer - create outfits that allow you to wear a sweater or jacket if it’s cold and then be able to take it off if it’s warm. Think about what colors and textures you want to feature in your wardrobe, and enjoy putting outfits together. Remember - fashion is meant to be fun! Happy spring!

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