One Easy Change Can Take an Outfit From Winter to Spring

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Are like most of us around the country and stuck between somewhat warmer days and cold temperatures with the random snow showers? Yup, that's my reality right now and it is making it really hard to wear all of the cute Spring fashion. Well, I am here to show you how you can easily take an outfit from Winter to Summer with just one change.

First, start with an outfit you would classically wear during Winter. Take inventory and look to see what type of pants you are wearing (jeans, trousers, leggings?). If you are wearing jeans, great! We are going to keep those.

Next, grab a bright or pastel colored light sweater from your closet. When you add a bright or pastel color that usually screams Spring and there is an immediate sense of a new season either on the way or here.

Lastly, check to see what type of shoes you are wearing. You don't want something too heavy like tall boots, duck boots or even snow boots. Switch those out for something a bit more light weight like a pair of ankle boots. Ankle boots are great for the winter to spring transition because you can wear them with so many different outfits.

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