Don’t Be Scared to Wear Shorts!

by Glamorouslady_x

You are never too old to wear a pair of shorts! The secret is finding the right pair of shorts.

I turned 40 this year and I thought this is time for me to stop wearing shorts. However, after researching and looking into it I’ve discovered that if you choose the right shape and cut and length of shorts, they can be suitable for any age.

For example in the photo above, I am wearing a white pair of shorts. I have chosen them to be slightly longer, tailored with pockets and a size bigger than my usual size so that they’re not too tight and not clingy. By going up a size, they appear so much more flattering on the figure.

A loose linen pair of shorts can be extremely comfortable in the summer and once again very flattering. Choose the length halfway between your hips and your knees so they’re not too short or too long.

A pair of black tailored shorts can be worn for an evening look, in the summer, instead of any tailored black trousers. Once again pockets and a looser fit make them appear chic and stylish.

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