10 Summer Outfits for Women That Are Simple & Chic

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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I love styling basics, and what I love the most is always finding new ways to wear them. So in this tutorial, I'm bringing you ten different summer outfits for women using wardrobe staples, and hopefully, they will provide you with some inspiration.

Elegant summer outfits

1. Masculine mix

In this outfit, I've mixed masculine and feminine elements together. The loose draped shirt contrasts really nicely with the tight fit of the skirt. The pale blue shirt also makes for a stylish alternative to a white or cream one that I’d usually go for. The blue adds some color while keeping the overall aesthetic soft and gentle.

Cute summer outfits for girls

2. Keeping it simple

If you have a skirt that you love, you'll want to get maximum wearability out of it, and a great way to do that is by finding different tops that you can pair it with. Here I've gone for a simple white top, with a beautiful v-shaped neckline and some button detail down the front. On my feet, I have a pair of sandals; the sparkly straps are a cute little feature.

Button-down shirt with shorts

3. Two-in-one

This outfit is really a two-in-one. I'm wearing a long oversized shirt over a pair of denim shorts. I have the choice to either wear the shirt untucked, so it looks like a dress, or to tuck it into the shorts. I love outfits that have that choice and versatility built into them.

Crop top with plaid blazer

4. Playing with plaid

Here, I’ve juxtaposed a short crop top with an oversized plaid blazer. Including different fits and lengths in your outfits is a simple yet effective way to make them look interesting. The black sandals and little leather bag match with the skirt and give the outfit a cohesive finish.

Summer vacation outfits

5. Safari chic

This outfit gives me safari vibes, and that is definitely a trend that you can tap into come summertime. I've created an almost monochrome look with white shorts and a shirt in a very light beige. The slight difference of color breaks the look up a bit while at the same time they look beautifully blended.

Basic summer outfits for women

6. Long and lovely

In this outfit, an oversized blazer helps to smarten up a more casual tank top and shorts. We all know that black and white go, and I’ve added a little bit of beige into the mix as well for a bit of variation.

High-waisted pants with a tank top

7. Formal fusion

Here, I’ve dressed a pair of high-waisted navy blue pants down by pairing them with a simple tank top and a pair of flats. Don’t be afraid to mix formal and casual elements within the same outfit.

8. Easy breezy

This is an amazing outfit for when you’re getting dressed in a hurry, shorts + top = done. No effort required. The key is to go for a pair of shorts that fit you well and a top with a little bit of polish. I can’t get enough of this sweeping v-shaped neckline. It is unassuming, yet makes a powerful impact.

A wide belt defines the silhouette

9. Belted beauty

A wide belt is a failsafe option to add a bit of definition to your silhouette. It sinches you in at the waist and highlights the slimmest part of your body. I’m wearing it with a simple blouse and a pair of shorts that I know will keep me comfortable on hot days.

Modest summer outfits

10. Minimal midi

If shorts aren’t your thing and you’re looking for a little bit more coverage on your legs, a midi skirt can be a great option. Some stylish details take this outfit from bland to beautiful: shoes and a belt in the same shade, a dainty necklace, and a straw bag that adds texture to the look.

Those are my top 10 basic summer outfits for women. I’ve kept to a neutral palette, which means that I have a lot of different pieces that go with one another. I’m able to constantly reinterpret pieces by wearing them in different ways.

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