6 Tips For Styling Summer to Fall Outfits to Help You Between Seasons

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

So, you’re caught up between the traditional seasons from summer to fall, and you’re not quite sure what items you should be putting away and what you can still wear. I mean, it’s pretty warm outside, but it can get nippy.

So, I’m here to save the day and show you some summer to fall outfits so you’ll know how to transition summer to fall outfits easily.

Summer to fall transition outfits

1. Wearing dresses

One great tip for styling summer to fall transition outfits is to take a dress that you'd usually wear in the summer and pair it with a pair of boots.

This will not work with all dresses; a fabric like light linen is very airy and won’t get the job done. I find that floral dresses especially work for this. Also, if the dress or skirt is a lighter color, you can still pair some lighter-colored boots with it.

As you can see, my dress has long sleeves, which is perfect for fall, and I paired them with some lovely gray over-the-knee boots to give the whole outfit some edge. This tip also works for maxi-length skirts or dresses. 

Cute summer to fall outfits

2. Lightweight coats and cardigans

I love a warm and fuzzy wool coat, but there’s nothing worse than wearing a coat that is way too hot for you. So, when it’s a little nippy outside, you do want to cover up. Go for something lightweight, like this trench coat that I'm wearing.

It’s a mid-length trench coat in the classic camel color. This type of coat is light enough to layer shorter items underneath - it’s a perfect cute summer to fall outfit. 

Summer to fall outfit ideas

3. Tights

Ok, so I feel that tights are not revolutionary, but they are underappreciated. Take black tights for example. They are a staple item and they’re pretty slimming too.

Just a heads up, if you are going to wear black tights, I recommend wearing a dark or black shoe with it, just to avoid a heavy color contrast if you were to wear another colored shoe.

Here, I paired my dress with black tights and black flats, and I think it looks super laidback, yet sophisticated. 

Colors for summer to fall outfits

4. Incorporate fall colors

To transition outfits from summer to fall, start wearing and incorporating fall colors in your looks. Deep browns, reds, and neutral colors are a must-have color palette for your fall wardrobe.

If however, you really love yellows and greens, you can start transitioning to non-bright colors, such as mustard and navy green hues. 

Transitional outfits summer to fall

5. Textures

Playing around with textures for your summer to fall outfits is the perfect way to transition. The outfit I’m wearing in this video is a good example of what I mean. My skirt is more on the heavier side, and I paired my brown skirt with a lovely knit top.

These kinds of heavy textures are a full-proof way to keep you warm without having to wear so many layers. Also, incorporating heavier pieces until the weather gets colder is a fun and functional way to transition your wardrobe.

How to transition summer to fall outfits

Easy summer to fall outfits

6. Sweater vests

Another special item to wear during the summer to fall transition phase is vests. I’m a particularly huge fan of the sweater vest trend, and it’s becoming a trendy item this season, too.

I like the academic look it gives to my outfits, and it’s so versatile that it will keep me warm just as needed. I also think that a cricket-style cabled vest is a lovely way to spruce up your outfit during this transitional period. 

Summer to fall outfits

Puffy vests are also quite fun and give off an equestrian vibe. Also, for practical reasons, they’re great! 

Summer to fall outfits tutorial

So, those are some ways to transition summer to fall outfits seamlessly! It’s a load of fun actually; you can alternate between your clothing items and come up with something that not only will keep you warmer but will look fab and fashionable.

I hope you liked my cute summer to fall outfits ideas, and happy dressing! 

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