One Easy Way to Crop Your Cardigan Without Cutting It!

With high waisted jeans in style it seems like the natural response is to pair your high waisted jeans with a cropped top but having ONLY crop tops is a whole other dilemma (and trust me you don't want it). So this hack works great with ANY button up sweater or cardigan and it isn't a permanent crop so when you're done wearing the cardigan like this you just unbutton it and it goes back to normal being long.

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First do the first button correctly

Then put the last button into the SECOND button hole

Put the THIRD or middle button into the matching hole so normal like the first one

Then for the SECOND BUTTON you want to bring the end of the sweater on the side with the holes up and through the sweater and put the SECOND BUTTON into the FOURTH HOLE

Let me know what you think about this hack!

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