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Hoodies are so warm and comfortable and perfect for colder weather. Sometimes, though, you want that comfort while still looking fashionable. In those instances, cropped hoodies are the way to go. The problem with cropped hoodies, though, is that you often lose pocket; and who wants a hoodie without a pocket?! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how I cropped my hoodie while still keeping the pocket.

Tools and materials:

  • Plain black hoodie
  • Chalk marker
  • Ruler
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine
Cropped hoodie
Mark the length

The first thing I needed to do was determine the length I wanted my hoodie to be. So I tried it on and used some chalk marker to mark my desired length. I decided to go for around the belly button. I then folded the hoodie up on the mark I made to make sure I liked how it looked. Since I did, I was ready to take it off and get started.

DIY cropped hoodie
Remove the pocket

I set my hoodie down on my cutting table and used a ruler to make sure the mark I made was straight, then made adjustments accordingly. Now it was time to remove the pocket. So I grabbed my seam ripper and picked at the seams until I had the pocket off. I tried to be really careful doing this so that I wouldn’t end up with any holes, so this part did take a while. When I got to the bottom of the pocket, which was attached to the ribbing of the hoodie, I just cut off the ribbing then cut the bottom of the pocket from the ribbing. 

Crop top hoodie
Crop the hoodie

With my pocket removed, it was now time to crop the hoodie to my desired length. First, I took the marks I’d made earlier and connected them in a straight line all around the hoodie. I used my ruler to help me keep the line straight and even. I then took my scissors and cut about ½” under the line I drew to account for seam allowance. 

Women’s cropped hoodie
Find the center-front

To position the pocket, I first had to find the center-front of the hoodie. To do this, I’d usually use the side seams as reference, but this hoodie didn’t have side seams. So I followed the underarm seams and put pins along where the side seams would be. I then lined up the two pins that were marking the side seams and followed that edge all the way to the end, where I put another pin indicating the center-front. 

Black cropped hoodie
Position the pocket

Before laying the pocket onto the hoodie, I had to find the center of the pocket as well. So I folded the pocket in half, lining up the edges, and placed a pin in the center. Then I lined up the center of the pocket with the center of the hoodie and pinned the raw edges together and sewed the pocket in place along the edge with a basting stitch

Easy cropped hoodie
Pin the rest of the pocket

Now that the bottom of the pocket was basted in place, I smoothed out the rest of the pocket and pinned down the edges, making sure to keep the openings. I then went back to my sewing machine and sewed down the rest of the pocket, following the two previous stitch lines.

Cropped hoodie with pocket
Hem the edges

To hem the edges, I folded the bottom edge under by ½” and pinned it all the way around. Then I went back to my sewing machine and used a standard straight stitch to sew the hem. Afterward, I trimmed the excess fabric from the inside of the hemstitch. Lastly, I ironed the hoodie and I was done! 

Completed cropped hoodie

That’s it! This was such an easy project to do and I love how it came out. It’s so comfortable, and I love the length. It looks great with high-waisted jeans because then you can’t see my stomach unless I raise my arms. I hate how cropped hoodies tend to lack the pocket, so I’m so excited that I managed to keep it. So what do you think? Cropped hoodies: pockets or no pockets? Let me know in the comments!

Suggested materials:
  • Black hoodie
  • Chalk marker
  • Ruler
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