Fun and Quirky Wednesday Addams Nails Tutorial

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I am so excited to show you how to do these Wednesday Addams nails.

This is probably one of the best manicures I have ever done. I love Wednesday. It is such a great show, and I am obsessed with her wardrobe.

I especially loved this one checkered sweater she wears so I decided to use that as inspiration for this look.

Tools and materials:

  • Dip powder
  • Builder gel brush
  • Nail art brush
  • Clean up brush
  • Gel liquids
  • Flash cure lamp
Applying clear builder gel

1. Start with a clear builder gel

Get your nails cleaned and ready for painting.

Use a clear builder gel for your base. This will help make sure the colors really pop and make your nails look professionally painted.

Applying base coat

2. Apply white base

Instead of going with a stark white I went with something called coconut milk white. It’s a sheer milky white.

These milky white gels can be a bit more expensive but when you use them you can really see why they’re priced that way. They are very high-quality gels.

I used two layers of it. Paint each nail and get that base looking nice and clean.

Checkered nail

3. Create checkered nail

I didn’t want to paint all the nails exactly the same. I started with a checkered nail using the checkered sweater as inspiration.

First, create a grid using a nail art brush. I painted two vertical lines and then made three horizontal lines.

If your nails are longer, shorter, wider or narrower than mine, feel free to adjust the number of lines according to your needs.

Checkered nail

Use the nail art brush to fill in the checkers with black leaving every other square blank for the checkered effect.

Use a flash care lamp to hold the details of the polish in place. That way when you move to the next section nothing runs.

I recommend using the flash care lamp between each square.

French tip

4. Paint French tips

For the French tip, I created my own sparkly black by mixing some black gel, clear gel and some black shimmer.

Use a French tip brush for this part. Then go over everything with a layer of topcoat.

Adding shimmer nail

5. Black shimmer nail

Create a black shimmer nail by painting the nail black. Then put some black shimmer in a small container. I used a disposable mini cupcake holder. Dip your nail into the shimmer.

Then, cure the nail and dust off the extra shimmer.

Black nails are notoriously harder to cure so make sure you fully cure your nails before dusting.

I had to redo a nail because I didn’t cure it for long enough before dusting off the shimmer and ended up ruining the nail.

Wednesday Addams nails

6. Finishing off

Finish everything off with a topcoat.

The best advice I can give you is to flash cure your nails frequently during the painting process. This will help keep all the detailing nice and clean and prevent smudging.

So take your time and use the flash cure lamp generously to achieve a high quality look.

Wednesday Addams nails

I absolutely love the way this Wednesday Addams-inspired nail design came out. I love the mixture of patterns. The black shimmer, French tip and checkered nails all look so cool together.

How did your nails come out? Let me know in the comments section down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Dip powder
  • Builder gel brush
  • Nail art brush
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