Mix & Match Holiday Wardrobe: 7 Cute Outfits for Festive Events

Get ready to mix and match your holiday wardrobe! Today, I thought I would share seven holiday outfits for seven different holiday social situations. Yes, this is a shop-your-closet outfit challenge!

I have pulled out pieces from my closet that are a little more elevated as well as pieces that are comfortable so that I can create comfortable, yet holiday-friendly, looks. This process really helps me organize and understand where the gaps in my closet are.

I put a call out on Instagram so that you guys could send me different holiday scenarios and I have to create looks based on what's on this rack to fit those scenarios. Let's start pulling some holiday outfit ideas!

Holiday wardrobe ideas

Scenario 1: Virtual holiday work party

I paired this super-colorful and fun dress with a collared shirt for a more professional flare. What’s important about this look is that you have all the embellishment and fun up top. I’ve got these fun earrings, collared top layered with a fun dress. 

Because this is a virtual event, I can keep on my comfortable shoes. Professional on top, cozy on the bottom! 

Winter holiday wardrobe

Scenario 2: Date night in Manhattan 

Date night holiday outfits

I am layering this look because most of my social time is spent outside, but if that is not you, then feel free to lose the turtleneck and tights.

For this look, I am going with a super simple and classic black dress with sharp tuxedo lines. I am adding some interest and shine with these killer over-the-knee boots.

Holiday outfits for women

Scenario 3: Outdoor Christmas market

I am keeping the layers for this look and adding my faux leather matte black pants and cream cable knit sweater. I am adding some texture, some solid boots, earrings, and belted my coat because the outerwear is really what everyone is going to see. 

Casual holiday outfits

Scenario 4: At home with the kids 

For this look, you really need to be comfortable, yet classy, so I have chosen my most comfortable jumpsuit. The beauty of wearing a jumpsuit at home is that you can always add or take off layers without worrying too much because your closet is not too far away.

Holiday outfit ideas

Scenario 5: Cooking all day 

For cooking all day I have chosen a top that is unfussy and easy to throw an apron over. I am pairing this look with super sleek and tailored trousers for the perfect ensemble. Simple yet classic. 

Mix and match holiday wardrobe

Scenario 6: Friends Christmas dinner at home 

I went with my classic simple jeans. I couldn’t not. To dress up the look I have paired my jeans with a textured silk blouse. For some festive flair, I have added my holiday cream sweater and red flats.

Holiday party outfits

Scenario 7: Southern hemisphere, hot yet festive

I chose to wear metallics with a slinky camisole. These are very basic pieces but that is what makes them comfortable in hot weather. 

Holiday outfits at home

Bonus Scenario: Christmas at Home

I saw the last episode of The Crown yesterday and I loved what Princess Diana was wearing. It was this outfit! To be honest, this is what I would wear at a comfy, at-home gathering.     

Mix and match holiday wardrobe

These are my seven - plus a bonus - mix and match holiday wardrobe outfits. Pulling out pieces from your closet at random and challenging yourself is always the perfect way to come up with new holiday outfit ideas.

If you are feeling stuck with your clothing, I highly recommend you do this to freshen up your holiday looks. 

Try this at home and let me know how it works for you!

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  • Emmawilliams1 Emmawilliams1 on Nov 14, 2021

    Have done some of these that are similar, but due to extensive foot surgery and not able to maneuver for 4 months, have gained weight and dare not try any of these just yet...It isn't how much you spend or what you have, but how you hold yourself and right now, it is very hard to stand up straight after that heavy boot I wore faithfully to get well...HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!