My Weekend "Style Uniform"

I am a firm believer that everyone should have a few items that they can go to time and time again that serve as sort as personal uniform or in other words a signature style.

It took me sometime to figure out what I felt was my “Style Uniform” but once I had created my “ Style Uniform” I could easily mix and match items that fit within this look.

I can also dress it up slight and dress it down or layer it up (depending on the weather)

Here are a few shots of me in what I call my weekend“ Style Uniform” 

I love a loose jean (I usually go for a mom style jean or baggy one) and a long tee. 

I often swap my jeans for leggings just depending on how I feel. Both these options are super comfortable and stylish. 

I’ll pair this with a long coat, usually a neutral color. If it’s cold I’ll layer a hoodie or sweater underneath. 

Than I accessorize with a baseball hat (which is sooo handy if you’re having a bad hair day) and some sunglasses. 

Super simple outfit combo but always looks on trend and I find the nicer long tan or taupe coats bumps up my outfit to feel more polished. 

Show me your “Style Uniform” and tag me on Instagram @style.devine !



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