Quick & Simple 5-Minute Makeup Routine For When You're in a Rush

Karen Lien
by Karen Lien
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I’m going to be out and about today running a lot of errands, so I really want to make sure that my makeup is set and looks great. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you my 5-minute makeup routine. Don’t believe me? Keep reading, and I’ll show you how.

Tools and materials:

  • Makeup sponge
  • Setting spray
  • Cream highlight and contour palette
  • Makeup brushes

I'm using a makeup palette from Seint, but you could recreate this look with your own makeup.

Applying contour to the forehead

1. Apply contour 

Before starting, I used a makeup sponge and spritzed on some setting spray to prime my face ahead of time.

Now, I’m going to be using my cream highlight and contour, and I’m going to start by contouring up on my forehead just by taking a contour brush.

I’m just going to pull down a little bit of contour along the top of my forehead, leaving the lower part of the forehead open, kind of creating a little triangle of light right above my brows.

5-minute makeup routine

Now, I’m going to take a detail brush and press some contour right up underneath my cheekbones, stopping at about the outside of my eye.

Defining the jaw with contour

I’m going to put a bit of contour right along my jaw, pulling it down my neck a bit. This will create a nice shadow and help to define my natural jawline.

Applying concealer under the eyes

2. Apply concealer

Now I’m going to go in with my buff brush and get some camel concealer color, and I’m going to apply that wherever I need a bit of extra coverage.

I'll put a little bit underneath my eye where it gets a little bit darker, on top of my eyelids, the end of my nose, and along my chin.

Applying highlight to face

3. Apply highlight

The next step is to add a pop of brightness, and I’m just going to use the same brush and pick up one of my highlight shades to add a little bit of brightness and a couple of spots.

First, right up on the center of my forehead, in the triangle just above my eyebrows. I’ll put some right down on my nose. Then I want to pop some on the inside of my eye because it gets really dark there.

And then I’ll put a bit on the outside of my eyes, right above the highest part of my cheekbone and then just below my brow. Just wherever I want a bit of brightness.

5-minute natural makeup

4. Add the main shade

Then using the other side of my brush, the buff brush, and I’m going to pick up my main shade, and I’m just going to come in and tap that wherever I have not placed any of the other shades.

Blending makeup with a blending brush

5. Blend

To start blending, I’m just going to pull up some of the bright, light color and merge that up into the other shades up on my forehead. I’m going to continue blending out my lighter shade, just using a tapping motion to get it to blend seamlessly.

Then, I’m going to go ahead and pull and blend in between the contour and my main bridge shade just to soften that line and to merge these shades together.

Adding blush to cheeks

6. Add some cheek color

To add a bit of cheek color, I’m going to take the same brush and dab it into some really pretty pink gloss. I’m going to put that right above my contour, towards my temple, and then just blend.

Adding color to lips

7. Add some lip color

I’m going to add a little bit of that same color for my lips and then a bit of extra shimmer right in the center of my lips. I’ll also put some of this shimmer right down the center of my nose and then right at the highest part of my cheekbone.

Applying eyeshadow

8. Add some eye color

Lastly, I’m going to pick up a bit of a nude shade and just put it on my eyes.

Setting the 5-minute makeup

9. Set makeup

Spritz your makeup sponge with a bit more of your setting spray and then just come in and lightly tap to set your makeup.

5-minute face makeup tutorial

5-minute face makeup tutorial

This is a great, easy, fast beauty routine using just one palette of cream highlight and contour makeup.

If you wake up late one morning and you’re in a rush to get out the door, or if you simply don't like spending a long time on your makeup, this tutorial is perfect for you. I hope you’ll give it a go!

Suggested materials:
  • Makeup sponge
  • Setting spray
  • Cream highlight and contour palette
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