A Scarf Refashion

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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Hello Readers. How do you feel about zebra print? I love it. This scarf came from my sister-in-law and I always loved the print. I didn't wear it much because it was in the way at work. I thought it would make a cute little jacket that would be easier to wear. So, I got busy.

I made a loose flowy jacket and a small scarf from the scrap pieces. This was an easy project, I know you can do it too. 

 This scarf was a large rectangle. (I added that orange line to mark where I am going to make the shoulder seam. It will appear on the pictures as you read along. I hope it helps you understand what I doing with this scarf.)

I started by making a seam in the middle of the scarf. This will be where my shoulders go and I need the shoulders clearly marked for me. I folded the right sides together, pinned it and sewed down the middle.

My next step was to cut one side open in the middle. This will be the front opening of my jacket. I used my serger on the cut edges so they would not fray. I had already made that shoulder seam across the top. The fringe will hang off the bottom of my new jacket.

I used a straight stitch to sew these cut sections down to the front panels. They will be facing in when I am all finished. They will make a nicely finished front to this loose open jacket. I turned the edge across the back of the neck in and stitched that down too.

Here is a close up view of those front seams that make the opening of the jacket

My next step was to cut some simple sleeves for this jacket. I wanted a loose fit but I didn't want the sleeves to be so loose that they got in my way. I made the sleeves when the jacket was turned inside out so the seams would be hidden inside. When I turned it right side out, I got what you see here.

 You can see the sleeve really well here. The edge of the scarf made the end of the sleeve so I did not need to do anything else to finish the sleeves.

I thought I had enough fabric in these 4 scraps to make something else. 

I connected the 4 scrap pieces and had a cute little rectangular scarf.

This tiny scarf was a nice bonus to the whole refashion.

This is a lot of stripes all at once. I don't think I will wear them at the same time.

I liked how the flowy jacket came out. It will be easy to layer on and you can see that cool print so well. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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