A Simple Everyday Lip Look To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

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by Just J Stylin Life

If you have thinner lips, this is an excellent way to make them look fuller and thicker without injections. This super simple lip combo uses just 3 items and takes less than 2 minutes to do.

Here's what you will need:

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Start with fresh, clean lips with nothing on them. If you normally dab a bit of foundation around your lips that is fine. Make sure there is no chapstick, vaseline or anything sticky on your lips. This is what my lips looks like naturally without any lip products. My top lip is very thin on the edges at the corners of my mouth.


This is the most important step and will set the line and dimension for your lips. To overline your lips, use the lip pencil to draw a line just above your natural lip line/crease. For the thinner parts of your lip draw the line above your lip from the bow (top) of your lip to the crease.

This is how my lips look with lip liner applied. If your lips are asymmetrical, don't worry. Embrace your natural look, or match the outline to the fuller side of your lips. I left mine as they are.


This step is super easy. Simply apply your desired lipstick to your lips within the lines you drew with your liner. It is ok, and also encouraged, for the lipstick to go over the lip liner as well. This helps to blend the colors and create a more natural look. Apply to both lips and rub together to evenly spread the color.

This is how my lips look with the liner and the lipstick applied. I love a lighter nude/mauve pink color and this one is great for fair skintones.


Possibly even easier than the previous step is applying lipgloss. This is the final touch to complete the look. I always wipe a little bit of the gloss off on the inside of the tube before I apply. You don't want to have sticky, goopy lips with too much gloss. I typically apply to my bottom lip first and then to my top. Once again, rub your lips together to evenly spread the gloss.

This is how my lips looks completed. They have just the right about of color and shine to stand out without drawing too much attention. This is a great everyday go-to lip look!

And here is a more detailed close up on the final look. Overlining lips is a great way to create a fuller look without having to get injections or fillers. Experiment with different colors of liner and lipstick and don't be afraid to try overlining a little bit more to see what looks best for you.

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