How to Tie a Knotted Bridal Headband in 10 Minutes (easy Tutorial)

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10 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a white lace headband. This is a great technique for wedding headbands for brides and it’s a quick and easy DIY that you can do in just ten minutes! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Lace fabric
  • Headband
  • Scissors
Cutting a strip of fabric

1. Cut out your fabric

Cut out the fabric you intend on using for your lace headbands into a strip. It should be 160cm long and 12cm wide. 

Cutting off the side of the fabric strip diagonally

2. Cut off the side diagonally

Fold the strip of fabric in half. Then, cut off a piece diagonally from the center 

Wedding headbands for bride

3. Glue the fabric to the end of the headband

Glue the fabric to one end of the headband by wrapping the fabric around the top and both sides and gluing it down.

Winding the fabric around the body of the headband

4. Wind the fabric around the body of the headband

To wrap the fabric around the body of the headband, start by making a circle on the right side of the headband.

Pulling the fabric tail through the headband

Then, pull the loose tail underneath the headband and then through the circle.

Knot hairband

Tighten it into a knot.

Bridal hair headband

Repeat this process by alternating the side you make the circle on. 

Lace headband

5. Adjust the width

You can loosen the knots in the middle of the headband to make it thicker.

Tugging the fabric to loosen it

You can also tug at the fabric to make it looser and frilly. 

Tying the knot tight at then end of the headband

6. Tie it off

When you get to the end, tie the knot tightly so it doesn’t come undone. 

White bridal headband

7. Glue the fabric down 

Wrap the remaining tail around the end of the headband as in step three and glue it down.

White lace headband

How to tie a knotted bridal headband in 10 minutes (easy tutorial)

Here’s the finished knot hairband! This beautiful bridal hair headband is perfect for a bride wanting to dress up their hairstyle without committing to a full veil. Let us know what you think down below!

Suggested materials:
  • Lace fabric
  • Headband
  • Scissors

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