How To Pick And Style A Bucket Hat

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Bucket hats are something I tried to avoid for as long as possible. When I saw them picking up popularity, I kept thinking of fishermen or toddlers... which are both great things, but not in my style wheel-house.

But wow... I was SO WRONG!

The trick to styling a bucket hat in a manner that isn't too juvenile or too "streetwear" is to pick a neutral color.

I saw a beige on from Burberry with their classic "nova check" pattern and my whole opinion of this fashion accessory flipped on its head.

Luckily, I was able to find this similar one on Depop, so if you're not sure where to start, start there.


Paring the bucket hat with other neutral pieces is my favorite way to go about wearing this accessory. The pairing pieces are high-quality and feminine, like this coat and boots.

This ensures that the bucket hat works to amplify my feminine style, not diminish it.


I always love to throw in a casual look because this is how most of us leave the house day-to-day.

I paired the bucket hat with a crew-neck sweater and a neutral grey skirt (to tie in the hat color-wise, but bring the looks some feminine flare).

It ended up looking pretty "streetwear" but wasn't too baggy or boyish for my taste.

As intended

Turns out, I do dress like a fisherman every once in a while! My fiance and I went on a camping trip and my bucket hat was perfect for the occasion.

So not only is this piece versatile in the way you can style it, but also in it's utility!

I highly recommend giving this accessory a try this spring.

It's a really fun piece to style!


Ms. Melior

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