How to Style a Bucket Hat: 6 Different Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

In a previous tutorial, I shared a lookbook on styling a bucket hat. Now, I’m back for part two because I have some new bucket hat looks to show you.

My personal style has also evolved since I made the last lookbook, and I think it’s good to reassess your fashion sense from time to time and see if you’re happy with the clothes you have in your closet.

The pieces you enjoyed wearing a few years ago may not be the ones you like to wear nowadays; perhaps you no longer find them flattering, or you just have a different aesthetic.

Part of my style evolution involved looking at the bucket hats that I owned and only holding onto the ones I knew I would get a lot of wear out of. I kept only two hats that are in very basic, neutral colors.

My bucket hats

Black bucket hat ideas

I have a black nylon one which is my favorite right now; it’s definitely Prada inspired.

Prada black nylon bucket hat

Nylon looks very chic but is also an affordable fabric.

One important thing when you buy a bucket hat is to make sure it fits right. A hat that is too big or too small will make your outfit look completely off. 

Burberry print bucket hat

The second hat that I have is a beige Burberry print one.

Burberry nova check print

I love the iconic Burberry nova check print. When I can’t afford or don’t want to spend money on the original thing, I just find something similar, as I’ve done here.

Now I’m going to show you how I like to style these hats.

Bucket hat aesthetic outfit

1. Masculine vibes

First up, I’ve styled the black nylon bucket hat with a very masculine-inspired outfit. I’m wearing an oversized gray blazer, tailored black trousers, and some chunky boots.

I added a belt to define my waistline for a little feminine touch.

The bucket hat finishes the look off perfectly and helps to create that reserved sort of vibe that I was going for.

Bucket hat outfit ideas

2. Minimalist

Next, we have the Burberry print hat. Because the hat is patterned, I kept the rest of the outfit quite minimalistic so that it wouldn’t look too busy.

Here, I’m wearing an oversized white sweater, black faux-leather pants, pointy-toe boots, and a baguette bag. The boots, bag, and hat give this look a 90s vibe which is coming back into fashion at the moment.

Street style bucket hat outfits

3. Street style

This next outfit combines more formal and casual elements for a street-style look. The white button-up shirt is quite a dressed-up feature, but I’ve left it untucked for a more laid-back feel.

I also wanted to create a black and white look because those colors together always look very classy and sophisticated. 

How to wear a bucket hat

4. Smart casual

Here is another outfit that strikes a balance between smart and casual. The chunky white trainers are juxtaposed with a two-piece beige suit.

A pastel green crossbody bag adds a subtle hint of color to the outfit, and the black bucket hat completes the look.

What to wear with a bucket hat

5. Black and white

When you keep the color palette black and white, you can really just mix and match different pieces, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Here, I’ve gone for a printed white t-shirt and an oversized leather blazer layered on top. Then I’m wearing a simple pair of black pants and some chunky boots.

Black and white outfits allow for endless combinations, which is why I like them so much.

How to style a bucket hat

6. Cute and casual

Here is another example of easy, casual dressing at its best. I have on some light-wash blue jeans, a black turtleneck top, a little black bag, and my Burberry print bucket hat.

What can I say? I don’t like to overcomplicate things. Plain, straightforward pieces can go such a long way.

How to style a bucket hat

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I like to style my bucket hats.

My top tip for you is not to go out and buy a whole bunch of bucket hats, some of which you aren’t so keen on. This will just clutter up your wardrobe.

Instead, focus your attention on the hats you like the most and that work with your personal style, and then go from there. Search out those pieces you will reach for time and time again to create a closet that works for you.

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