10 Fun Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas for the Fall

Dana Kind of Day
by Dana Kind of Day

I am a huge fan of bucket hats, but I’ll admit that they’re not always the easiest item to style. Some people just get stuck when it comes to styling headwear and, as a result, only wear their hats in the summer to stay in the shade.

Luckily for you, I’ve mastered my bucket hat game, and I’ve got 10 trendy bucket hat outfit ideas for fall, featuring three different bucket hats, to show you. I guarantee you’ll pick up some styling inspiration!

Pink leather bucket hat outfit

1. Candy stripes

First up, I’ve gone for a pink leather bucket hat that I’ve styled in a very pink outfit. The pants remind me of a candy cane and give off a fun and playful vibe. I’ve paired them with a top in the same tone and kept my shoes and bag white to not detract attention from the killer pants.

Bucket hat outfit ideas

2. Tucked, untucked

This next outfit combines masculine and feminine elements: a metallic pleated midi skirt contrasted with an oversized denim shirt. I’ve tucked one side of the shirt in and left the other side out to add some asymmetrical interest.

The bucket hat adds a subtle hint of color, and a pair of colored sunnies is the icing on the cake.

How to style a bucket hat

3. Accessory focus

You can never go wrong with some jeans and a favorite piece of knitwear. I’ve dressed this straightforward look up with some stylish accessories - strappy sandals, a colorful bag, and a bucket hat.

I am quite a maximalist when it comes to dressing, so if the clothing I’m wearing is simple, I like to jazz things up with eye-catching accessories.

Girly bucket hat outfit

4. Soft pastels

Here, I’ve gone for a lilac dress, which works really well with the soft pastel pink of the hat. I’ve added a pair of chunky sneakers and a leather fanny pack around the waist to toughen the dress up a bit.

This outfit has a feminine feel to it, but is also edgy and trendy at the same time.

What to wear with a bucket hat

5. Pop of color

I’m really giving it some attitude with the leather pants and the oversized denim jacket in this outfit.

I’ve switched the bucket hat for a red one, and the pop of red adds a lot to the look. When accessories are well coordinated, the whole outfit looks effortless and harmonious.

Street style bucket hat outfit

6. Streetwear style

Time for a fabulous streetwear look. Here, I've paired a cropped sweater with a pair of turned-up jeans and some trendy sneakers. The bucket hat brings color to the outfit and ties it all together. Lastly, I had to pop on a pair of shades for a bit of “don’t mess with me” attitude.

How to style a bucket hat in fall

7. Fabulous for fall

I love the different shades of brown that we have going on here. The earthy tones of this outfit make it a great option for the fall.

The look gives off a monochrome feel, but the brown is broken up by the subtle colorful stripes on the cardigan, as well as the black booties and red hat. 

How to wear a bucket hat

8. Zebra flair

Here I’ve switched to a beige bucket hat which gives off a more neutral and understated aesthetic. But you know that I’m never one to play it safe, so I've gone for a zebra print mini skirt to add some bold personality to this look.

A baggy sweater and a crossbody fanny pack keep the look contemporary.

Leopard-print bucket hat outfit

9. Leopard legs

We’ve had zebra print and now onto leopard print. What am I without my animal print clothes and accessories? The brown on yellow of the pants is perfectly mirrored by the yellow on brown of the t-shirt, creating a very balanced appearance.

The blazer adds a touch of sophistication, as blazers always do, and the beige bucket hat is the perfect finishing touch. 

How to dress up a bucket hat

10. Suave and sophisticated 

Last but not least, something with a little more sophistication. The leather skirt elevates whatever you wear it with, and I love the contrasting textures of the skirt and the knit top. I’ve added a pop of print with the shoes, but on the whole, this outfit is all about calm, neutral shades.

Bucket hat outfit ideas

Those are 10 bucket hat outfits, and I hope that you’ve been able to pick up some inspiration. Bucket hats come in a variety of colors and materials, so choose one that is true to your personal style and works with colors that feature a lot in your wardrobe.

And remember, the key to looking amazing is having fun styling your outfits and feeling great in what you wear!

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