10 Cute Fall Outfit Ideas With Jeans

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In this style guide, I’m going to be sharing with you ten fall outfits with jeans.

Jeans are a great piece to have in your fall wardrobe because they’re both warm and stylish. Let’s jump on in with the first look!

Red boots and jeans

1. Red boots

For the first outfit, I’m styling a pair of skinny blue jeans with red cowboy boots and a classic gray high-neck sweater.

This is a fairly neutral look, but the boots add a bold pop of color, which I really love.

A red quilted bag that ties in with the boots finishes off the look.

Black and white look

2. Black and white

Next up, I’m styling a pair of black jeans that are distressed on the knee, and I've paired them with a black and white striped button-down top.

I also added a pair of black and white flats, which tie in with the top.

For outerwear, I went with a trench coat, which is a must-have for the fall. A black tote bag completes the look.

Striped cardigan look

3. Striped cardigan

For the next look, I’m styling a pair of wide-leg distressed jeans, which I think look really fun. I’ve styled them with a brown and cream-colored cardigan.

Jeans with cardigans are a great outfit combination for the fall.

On my feet, I have a pair of open-toe caramel shoes, which are great for the beginning of fall when it’s not yet too cold.

To accessorize, I have a caramel-tone bag.

Fur coat outfit

4. Fur coat

Here, I’m styling a pair of blue skinny jeans with a pair of loafers and a simple white top. I love loafers for the fall.

The jeans have a nice bit of fray on the bottom that adds some extra detail.

I also added a belt to accessorize.

For outerwear, I went for a faux fur coat, which is a big trend for the season. A caramel-tone bag completes the look.

Pop of pink

5. Pop of pink

For the next look, I’m styling a pair of white jeans - yes, you can still wear your white jeans in the fall.

I’ve paired the jeans with a simple button-down top in pink.

I also added a pair of pink flats with some embellishments on them.

For outerwear, I added a bright pink plaid blazer, which adds some structure and color to the look.

A simple white bag is the finishing touch.

Denim vest look

6. Denim vest

Here, I’m styling a pair of black jeans that have some distress on the knees.

I’ve paired them with a white long-sleeve top and have layered a denim vest over the top. Denim pieces are another big trend this season.

I also added a belt and a pair of white cowboy boots, which add a Western vibe.

A red bag is the finishing piece.

Pink blazer outfit

7. Pink blazer

In this look, I’m styling a pair of skinny jeans with a classic black top and a pair of loafers.

For the outerwear piece, I’m adding a statement with this bright, bold pink oversized blazer. This will definitely help you to not feel gloomy on cold days.

To accessorize, I have a simple black bag.

Red blazer outfit

8. Red blazer

Here, I’m styling a pair of black mom jeans. I really love mom jeans because they're super comfy and have that loose-fitted style to them.

I added a splash of color to them with a pair of red booties. A red plaid blazer perfectly compliments the booties and adds a nice structural touch to the look.

A simple black bag is the finishing piece.

Red t-shirt outfit

9. Red t-shirt

For the penultimate look, I’m styling a pair of blue wide-leg jeans and am keeping it super simple by adding a red top.

The black booties with gold chain detail add a little bit of pizzazz and are an elevated touch.

The gold chain detail on the black bag ties in really well with the shoes.

Houndstooth jacket look

10. Houndstooth jacket

For the final look, I have on a pair of black high-waisted jeans with slits on the knees, and I’m styling them with a pair of combat boots. Combat boots are perfect to wear for the fall.

Up on top, I’ve gone for a cream-colored top, and as a layering piece, I’ve chosen a houndstooth printed jacket in brown, which is super cute for this season.

A baguette bag in caramel finishes off the look.

Fall outfits with jeans

There we have ten fall outfits with jeans! Hopefully, this lookbook has given you plenty of inspiration for what to wear this season.

Let me know which outfit is your favorite in the comments below.

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