5 Ways to Rock a Bandana

by Angie_Garcia

For this post you can use ANY bandana! This is one my mom get me from Hobby Lobby. I like it alot because it looks like a watermelon which is my favorite fruit icon I got it because Summer is around the corner and I thought this would be a cute little add to some of my outfits.

Look 1: Wrap your bandana around your purse! This is a solid black purse that usually is my work purse. With this cute bright bandana it turns alot more playful and girly.

Look 2: Dirty hair? Who cares! Hide your greasy hair with a bandana! This is a good look for wash day or if you're going to the beach or park and want to protect your scalp from the sun (FIY the top of your head CAN get sun burnt trust me)

this is how the back looks

Look 3: Wear it like a headband! For this look just fold your bandana in half and then roll or fold it.

this is how it sits under your hair

Look 4: Turn your bandana into a scarf!

Look 5: Turn your bandana and a messy bun into this cute look. Super simple, just do a messy bun then instead of a rubber band wrap your bandana around your bun instead,

the back is really cute I like how the two strips hang back

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