5 Simple Ways You Can Rock the Bohemian Fashion Trend

I’m going to show you how to rock the bohemian fashion trend for the modern era. The days of sticking on a peasant skirt and a coin belt are long gone. These days the bohemian style is more elegant and chic, more refined, and a bit more grown-up, really. I’m going to share with you a few ways you can work boho chic style.

Earthy tones

1. Choose the right tones

First up, let's talk about color. Boho style is all about earthy tones. This dress I'm wearing is perfect for the Bohemian trend. It's a gorgeous deep tan color. I've paired it with a pair of simple leather sandals that are slightly gladiator style.

The trick here is not to think matchy-matchy. I've got white earrings, gold jewelry, a beige dress, brown sandals, and a rattan bag. None of it's particularly matching, but it all complements each other, and it all fits really well with those earthy tones when put together.

Bohemian fashion accessories are also a really easy way to introduce earthy tones. Pick a tone that fits your skin tone and start building your outfit around that.

Layered clothing with mixed trends

2. Add some layers

Layering is one of the key ways to achieve the bohemian fashion trend. The key is not to be too contrived and think about it too much, but rather just play with it a little bit. So mix up your textures, and don't worry if things don't particularly match.

Throw a jacket on top, whether it's longer or shorter than what you've got on underneath. Think like a bit of a free spirit, not caring too much, and don't be afraid to mix up your trends.

In this outfit, I'm wearing a Breton top, then I've gone for the utility trend with the jacket, and I've got two different necklaces on. I've got all sorts of metals going on with my jewelry, a pair of boyfriend jeans that are obviously very relaxed, and I've just worn them with my sandals.

I think that pairing all of those different elements, trends, textures, and layers together actually works together as a whole outfit. 

Colorful scarf

If I'm skipping out the door, I would also add this very Peruvian-looking scarf, and I think it's a great example of not being afraid to mix lots of different colors. 

70s-inspired maxi dress

3. Bring in the 70s vibe

One of my favorite ways to evoke the boho-chic style is to incorporate a 70s vibe. This dress reminds me of 70s disco as well as the hippy scene. I like the empire line just under the bust; dresses tend to flow a bit more when they fall just under the chest.

You can wear a dress like this with heels to dress it up, but my favorite way to wear one is with sandals. If you're going to party all night, you want your feet to be comfortable. 

Prairie dress

4. Wear a prairie dress

One of the easiest ways to do the bohemian trend is to wear a prairie dress. The dress I'm wearing here has a bit of embroidery detail, which adds more interest and texture. I really like off-the-shoulder dresses, and I think the floatier, the better.

Midis work really well as prairie dresses, as do maxis, of course. I think that anything that has a lot of movement to it is great, so we're talking silks and fine cotton.

Bohemian fashion accessories

5. Accessorize

Another way to rock that bohemian style is with the accessories you choose. Jewelry with tassels on it is perhaps the most iconic type of boho jewelry. Bangles that are wooden or have a rustic antique gold look are also very appropriate. In terms of handbags, go with one made from straw or natural fibers to bring in that bohemian spirit.

I don't think the boho trend is ever going to go out of fashion, it’s such a fun, easy and relaxed way of dressing that is full of surprise and personality. I love it!

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