How to Create the Trend of This Year, Rose Choker 🌹

Claudya Moreira
by Claudya Moreira

I am new to Upstyle but I am not new to scarfs, in fact some call me the Queen of Scarfs. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create this year's trending scarf look, the rose choker. You will need a large silk scarf and to follow along closely.

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Start by folding your scarf in half

Tie the two ends in a knot

Make sure this knot is not too tight as it will ruin your scarf but do make it tight enough that it will not come undone.

Slide your arm through this hole.

Using the hand of the arm that is not in the scarf's hole grab one of the hanging corners and loop it through so that you're holding all of the corners in the hand that is not through the loop.

Now using both hands grab the corners that not tied and not around your arm and twist them around each other a few times.

Keep twisting-

Once you've twisted a few times slip one of the pieces through the hole your arm is in.

Now pull on both sides to shrink this ball until it forms your rose

Once the scarf is smaller fluff it out to turn in to your rose.

Wrap the other two pieces around your neck

Double wrap if needed and tie in the front under the rose.

Here's the finished look.

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