The Many Ways to Wear Your Beach Sarong Pareo

by Stylishserenityblog

I'll be honest, I wish I was on the beach right now, so I could take pictures of these outfits in action.

My friend brought me this gorgeous purple pareo from Hawaii and I've been wearing it for the past 10 years. Yes, that long. I've worn it so many different ways, that I decided to share with you!

What I love about a pareo is how versatile it is! If you are taking a mini beach vacation, and don't want to pack a lot of clothes, just grab a pareo and it can be your outfit throughout the whole day!

The easiest way is just to tie it around your chest. This is a great beach coverup!

Take one end of pareo in each hand and tie them around your neck. This is my favorite way to wear it as a coverup because it stays put and I don't need to worry about fixing it.

The most common way to wear a sarong is just to tie it around your waist.

Now we will make a cute top out of our pareo. Tie two opposite ends, out pareo around your neck twice, stretch two bottom ends and tie them in the back.

And you've got yourself a beautiful top!

Great with pants or shorts. Perfect for a beach vacation.

Elevate your look with pareo as an accessory. With two opposite ends tied make a triangle shaped shawl, throw it around your shoulders and tie a belt around your waist.

Great with a top and jeans.

Nursing a baby at the beach? Pareo will keep you both comfortable because you can make a sling and a nursing cover out of it.

Infinity scarf anyone? With both ends still tied, wrap the pareo around your neck twice and adjust for an infinity scarf look.

Chilly? Here are a few more ways you can wear your sarong for those late breezy nights.

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