Turn Your Scarf Into a Beach Cover up the Easy Way

1 Material
5 Minutes

Follow along to learn how to turn a simple scarf into a beautiful, flowy beach cover-up!

If you have lots of scarves in your wardrobe, then you now also have lots of beach cover-ups!

Tools and materials:

  • One large, rectangular flowy scarf

1. Tie the neck

Hold your scarf lengthwise in front of you, with the front facing out.

Gathering corners

Gather the two top corners of your scarf.

Tying neck

Tie the gathered corners together, in a knot, with long tails on each end.

Tying neck

Wrap the tails around your neck and tie the ends together at the back of your neck.

Covering body

2. Make the scarf cover-up body

Make a fold in the scarf at about your waist position.

Tying scarf at back

Wrap the sides of the scarf to your back, and tie the scarf at the back of your waist.

Easy DIY beach cover-up

Easy DIY beach cover-up

Pop on a big, floppy sun hat and you are good to go.

When you want your scarf back, just untie your cover-up!

It’s as simple as that, so give it a try and then leave a comment to let me know how you liked this easy scarf beach cover-up idea.

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Suggested materials:
  • One large, rectangular flowy scarf

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