Vintage Hairstyle Tutorial: Get Glam Brushed-out Curls Without Heat

by Loepsie
2 Materials
30 Minutes

I was looking for the perfect brush-out for my new long bob and came up with this brushed-out curls hairstyle to share with you.

This vintage hairstyle hearkens back to 1940's vintage curl style, but it’s an easy brush out to create with the help of foam curlers.

Tools and materials:

  • Small foam rollers
  • Brush and comb
Wetting hair

1. Separate and wet your hair

Taking small sections of hair at a time, start by spraying the section to dampen it.

Adding foam curlers to hair

2. Curl your hair

Use small foam curlers to curl under each section of hair. When curling your bangs, curl more sideways than directly under.

Foam curlers in hair

Continue curling all of your hair on both sides, but only the bottom half of your hair in the back.

Curls wrapped in scarf

3. Wrap and wait

Wrap your curls in a scarf and leave the rollers in overnight.

Curls with rollers first removed

4. Brush out your curls

In the morning, remove your rollers and DO NOT PANIC at the tightness of the curls!

Brushing curls

Brush out your curls. 

Brushed-out curls hairstyle

Keep brushing and be patient. The more you brush the softer and longer your curls get.

You can see that happening when you compare the two sides of my head!

Brushed-out curls hairstyle

OK, I think we’re getting somewhere now!

Brushed-out curls hairstyle

The back is definitely headed in the right direction.

Brushed-out curls hairstyle

I worked the front some more with my brush and a hair pick, to give it the shape I wanted.

Brushed-out curls hairstyle

Here it is a few hours later. It hasn’t relaxed as much as I’d hoped but the curls have separated some.

But, overall, I think I got the look I was looking for.

Brushed-out curls hairstyle

Here’s the finished back.

Brushing curls

I took one more pass through my curls with a comb, and that really did soften it a lot more.

Brushed-out curls hairstyle

Now I’m really happy with the outcome. This is definitely a pretty cute look that I’ll go for once in a while.

Thank you for joining me on this brushed-out vintage curls journey. Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know how you liked this tutorial and share your own brushed-out vintage curl tips.

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Suggested materials:
  • Small foam rollers
  • Brush and comb

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