How to Dress Like Bella Hadid: Steal Her Style With These 5 Outfits

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

In this guide, I’m going to be recreating some Bella Hadid outfits. Supermodel Bella is really bold with her style and wears a lot of cool-girl trends. Here I’m going to recreate some of her outfits that I would actually wear in my day-to-day life. Bella Hadid steal her style - let’s go!

Bella Hadid: steal her style

How to dress like Bella Hadid

1. Airport look

For the first fit, I picked out one of her airport looks. I like this outfit because it is quite put together - she has on classic pants and a structured leather jacket. That being said, the look is still quite casual and relaxed. I also really like how the shades add a little pop of color.

Bella Hadid-inspired outfits

2. Bucket hat

When I was picking out outfits for this style guide, the moment I saw this one, I felt like it was so me because I would wear something like this.

Although jeans with a black top and leather jacket is pretty timeless, it’s also easy to bring a trendy element to freshen it up. Here the trendy element is a bucket hat with the brim folded up. Wearing a much-loved bucket hat in this way kind of gives it a new life.

How to style Bella Hadid outfits

3. Corset

I know this outfit doesn’t look like the type of thing you’d wear to the grocery store, but I really like the structure of it.

How to wear a corset over a shirt

Here is another way that I’ve recreated the look. For me, wearing a corset on top of a button-up is a great option if you don’t want to be too exposed as you would be by just wearing the corset by itself. You get all the benefits of a beautiful corset without having to bare your skin.

Bella Hadid outfit inspo

4. Suit

The next outfit is in one of my favorite colors; I feel like gray complements girls like me who have a light complexion.

Some people may not want to wear gray because they feel it looks a bit boring, but I think if you style your gray outfit the right way, you can make it look great.

This outfit recreation would look better with a matching suit; unfortunately, I didn’t have one, but I’m still happy with the final result. While the blazer is oversized, the belted waist helps to define the figure, so you don’t just look swamped by the large fit.

I also really like how Bella has paired the suit with a pair of sneakers, combining formal and casual elements in the same look.

Steal her style: Bella Hadid

5. Trench coat

This oversized, loose-fit, maxi trench coat was a hit this winter season. It kind of looks like it came from the men’s section, and I love how the coat envelops my whole body.

Bella has styled it along with a bucket hat, some chunky boots, and a puffy bag. It is a black monochrome look with a bit of color from the hat.

Steal her style: Bella Hadid

There we have five Bella Hadid-inspire looks. I think that when drawing inspiration from a celebrity's style, it’s great to try to look at their outfits that you would wear in day-to-day life, as I’ve done here, as opposed to their red carpet looks.

Let me know which one was your favorite look in the comments below!

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