16 Bridesmaid Multiway Dress Styles Using 1 Birdy Grey Dress

In this style guide, I’m going to show you some bridesmaid multiway dress styles. My wedding is coming up soon, and I went with a company called Birdy Grey for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

I was excited to go with them because they have an incredible project that they partner with called The Princess Project; it’s a recycling service for your bridesmaid dresses because, as we all know, you rarely wear your bridesmaid dress again after a wedding. This project donates gently-used dresses to teens in need of prom and homecoming dresses, which is just so cool.

I wanted to share with you the really fun DIY aspect of these bridesmaids' dresses. They have a convertible neckline, so there are lots of different ways that you can style these dresses.

Birdy Grey bridesmaid dress

The dress comes strapless, and there are these two really long strands of tulle on the front of the dress, which you can tie in different ways.

Bridesmaid dress with a simple knot

1. Simple knot

The first and easiest way to wear this dress is strapless, and you can just wrap the straps around the waist and tie them at the back however you like. You could go for a simple flowy knot like this.

Bridesmaid dress with a back bow

2. Back bow

Or you could tie it into a bow.

Bridesmaid dress with a front bow

3. Front bow

Alternatively, you could tie the strands into a bow on the front - really wherever you want the bow to be on the waistline.

Bridesmaid dress with two wide straps

4. Two wide straps

The next one you could do is two wide straps, so just kind of pull them up and over your shoulders. 

How to tie a convertible bridesmaid dress

You can do a criss-cross across your back and then tie it in a knot or a bow at your waist.

How to tie a bridesmaid dress

Or you could make regular straps that aren’t crisscrossed and loop them through the side belt loops and then wrap it around again and tie in a knot or a bow at the back.

Bridesmaid dress with a halterneck

5. Halterneck

The next one is a halterneck style where you can pull the strands up over your shoulders and tie them in a knot right around the back of your neck. 

Different ways to tie a bridesmaid dress

Then wrap the strands around your waist and tie them in the back.

Bridesmaid dress with a Grecian-style knot

6. Grecian style

The next possibility is a Grecian style. You tie a knot right at the strapless neckline and then put the straps over your shoulders just like a halter. You can create whatever design on the back you want.

Bridesmaid dress with Grecian sleeves

7. Grecian sleeves

The next variation of this Grecian style is to make sleeves with the top of those streamers; just pull them right over your shoulders to create a bit of a more modest look.

Bridesmaid dress with butterfly sleeves

8. Butterfly sleeves

The next sleeve option we have is like a butterfly sleeve where you can just pull them straight over your shoulders, criss-cross at the back, and then tie them in place.

One-shoulder bridesmaid dress

9. One-shoulder

The next style is a one-shoulder one, and I actually wore this style to my sister’s wedding. 

Multi-style bridesmaid dresses

You can pull both of the strands over one of your shoulders and then kind of cross them in the back as I did here.

Bridesmaid dress with twisted one-shoulder

10. Twisted one-shoulder

You can also twist the strands together to make a one-shoulder back and front.

Multiway bridesmaid dress styles

Here I finished it off by tying it up at the front.

One-sleeved bridesmaid dress

11. Sleeved one-shoulder

Another variation of the one-shoulder is to make a sleeve, so just pull the outer strand down over your shoulder, tie them up at the back and remember that you can use those side belt loops to help secure the strands.

Bridesmaid dress with a split shoulder

12. Grecian one-shoulder

This look is so unique and so fun; it’s like a split shoulder look. 

How to tie a bridesmaid dress in different ways

It’s really easy to do, you just tie a knot before your shoulder, just like the Grecian style, and then take each one of the strands above the knot and split it over one of your shoulders. Then cross them in the back like so.

Bridesmaid dress with a halter-bow

13. Halter-bow

Another fun style is to do a halter but with a little bow at the top of the back of your neck. I think it’s so cute, and the long streamers down the back create such a unique style.

Bridesmaid dress with a split-cross back

14. Split-cross back

You can also split this into a cross at the back.

Bridesmaid dress with a T-back

15. T-back

Or you can do a super fun t-back where you tie a knot above the base of your neck and then wrap the strands around your waist.

How to tie a bridesmaid dress in different styles

16. Two skinny straps

The last style I could think of was this simple look with two skinny straps. You just need to take each of those through the side belt loop, thread it through over your shoulders, and then back through that same belt loop and then tie it at the back or front.

You can also twist these straps to make them a little bit skinnier if you want to.

Bridesmaid multiway dress styles

Bridesmaid multiway dress styles

I think there are an infinite number of ways that you can do the neckline of this dress and that’s why I think it’s such a cool design idea. It allows you to wear the dress again and again in different ways and feel like it’s unique each time.

If you’re into sewing, you could also try making something yourself and incorporating this multiway strap feature.

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