How to Dress More Confidently - Do You Dare To Wear What You Want?

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

As I've grown older, I've learned to become more confident as a person. This has also given me greater confidence to dress how I want to dress, without caring what other people think. In this tutorial, I want to share tips on how to dress more confidently by modeling some of my favorite outfits!

These outfits don't follow the latest fashions or adhere to styling rules, but they make me feel fabulous, which is what is most important. I hope this very different "styling" tutorial inspires you to wear whatever you want to!

Llama print cardigan with denim shorts

1. Llama print cardigan

If you had told 18-year-old me that at 31 one of the wardrobe items that makes me feel most confident is a llama print cardigan, I would have laughed! But it's true! I love this cardigan.

Is it weird? Yes. Is it quirky? Yes. Do I still love it? Absolutely. It just makes me smile every time I wear it.

Chartreuse velvet dress with ankle boots

2. Vibrant green dress

I love the color green, and this is the most obnoxious, vibrant color green dress. It's like a chartreuse shade, and on top of that, it's velvet - and I love it! Some people might think this dress is ugly, but I feel so amazing when I wear it.

Black half-sheer bodysuit

3. Half-sheer bodysuit

Sometimes, you know what, an all-black outfit makes me feel confident. And I love this black half-sheer bodysuit. I feel kind of badass in it.

Five years ago, I would have felt too self-conscious to wear it, like, "Is this too much? Am I showing too much stomach?" But now, I love this outfit. I feel like a total boss and like I could punch somebody in the face (not that I would, though)!

Chanel-inspired dress with high heels

4. Knock-off Chanel dress

I call this my knock-off Chanel dress. I can't afford the real thing, guys, so this is a knock-off. I don't judge myself for it. This dress makes me feel so chic and elegant. All I need to do is throw on a pair of high-heels, and I feel like I'm ready to rule the world.

Boxy blazer, button-up shirt, and suit pants

5. Boxy blazer

Guess what else makes me feel confident? Pants, a nice button-up shirt, and a boxy oversized blazer. I used to feel so self-conscious of my shoulders because they're pretty broad, and I thought I wasn't "allowed" to wear blazers.

Now, I don't care, and I wear them all the time. And from my perspective, go big or go home, so give me the oversized padded shoulders!

This is my business onesie

6. Business onesie

Let me introduce you to what I like to call my business onesie. I'm not joking: it looks like a onesie, but also like you're wearing a suit, yet also pajamas. It's the best thing ever!

It's a jumpsuit, but I have got away with wearing this outfit to work and layering a white turtleneck underneath it.

Red drape-front dress

7. Drape-front dress

I was eyeing this Zara dress for months. I was so worried about buying it because I thought that it was, you know, too much for me and too bold because God Forbid I stand out!

When the dress went on sale, I finally bought it, and I don't regret it one bit. I love wearing this dress, and it makes me feel super confident.

Floral print jeans with a white t-shirt

8. Printed floral jeans

Here is another outfit that would have been out of my comfort zone a few years ago. These fabulous jeans are a collab between Farm Rio and Levi’s, and they are glorious. They are so fun and so bold - I am obsessed with them.

Crop top, distressed jeans, and a blazer

9. Crop top combo

Sometimes all you need is a crop top, a blazer, and some ripped jeans. I thought in my early twenties that by the time I was in my thirties, I couldn't wear crop tops or ripped jeans because they'd be inappropriate.

Spoiler alert, I'm 31, and I still love wearing them.

Mixed prints formal work outfit

10. Floral fusion

We have arrived at the last outfit. This was one of the first bold outfits that I bought myself for work. I really love the mixed prints, combining stripes with purple florals. I got so many compliments when I first wore this, and it encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone a little more.

How to dress more confidently

I hope this collection of my favorite confidence-building outfits inspires you to wear what you love. I'm sure, as you can tell by my outfits, there are lots of different styles of clothing that make me feel fantastic. There are no fashion rules that you need to stick to.

After all, the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.

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