Look and Feel Better With This 5 Minute Fashion Makeover

Want to look good but still feel comfortable? Giedre’s 5-minute makeover is here to help you keep up with the latest fashion trends while keeping comfortable at the same time. Her 7 quick and easy steps will leave you with stylish, casual looks that are easy to achieve.

Five minute makeover

Giedre’s base look is made up of a pair of jeans, boots, and a tweed jacket. As she plays around with this casual outfit, the look is totally transformed. 

Wear a white shirt

Swap with a light-toned top 

Black may seem like the obvious choice in the colder months but Giedre opted for a white, satin button down for this look. White adds warmth to the look and the reflective, satin fabric is the perfect way to create light. Wearing this white shirt definitely brings life to Giedre’s face and brightens up her look. 

Wear a necklace

Giedre never misses an opportunity to accessorize. For this look, she chose to wear a beautiful, understated paper chain necklace. 

Wear a bracelet

She also added a simple ring and a dainty, sophisticated bracelet to her look. These small pieces are the perfect mixture of contemporary and classic. They definitely add a lot to Giedre’s look. 

Quick fashion makeover

Adding other bracelets or a watch helps to finish off this outfit. 

Wear a blazer

Opt for a longer blazer

Sticking with the theme of the base outfit, Giedre’s longer tweed blazer goes perfectly with her light blue jeans. Wearing a longer and more fitted piece can definitely help complement the body’s natural shape. 

Tuck in

Tucking in the shirt can create a more pulled-together look but it doesn’t have to make the outfit less comfortable. Giedre suggests lifting up your arms so that the tuck is not too tight. Pull the extra fabric over your jeans and voila, comfortable and super trendy. 

Wear off white boots

Swap in beige boots 

Giedre swaps out her black boots for a pair of amazing off-white boots. The gold accessory on the boot complements her jewelry choices. 

Quick makeover

Add color to your face 

A little bit of makeup can go a long way. Giedre added a soft red lip gloss and dabbed a little of it onto her cheeks to create a cohesive color palette.  

Fix your hair

Fix your hair 

Giedre’s hairstyling tip includes a little bit of hairspray and you guessed it, a toothbrush. She sprayed a toothbrush with a little hairspray which really helps to flatten those stray baby hairs leaving a sleek and neat hairstyle.

Add a bag

Finish off with a classic bag

This look definitely calls for a classic yet modern handbag. Giedre added this beautiful red bag to her look that totally fits in with the color palette of her outfit. 

Look better in five minutes

This incredible fashion makeover can be achieved in just 7 easy steps. What other quick makeover tips do you have? Let us know in the comments! 

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