Check Out These Six Different Ways to Style Your Flare-Cut Jeans

Taren Denise
by Taren Denise

A good pair of flare jeans is the perfect clothing item for fall. They’re flattering and comfortable, and good for when the weather starts to turn cooler. So I decided to find six different ways to style this type of pants. I found inspiration pictures online and recreated them using clothes I already owned. To see the pictures I was copying, and for information on where each item of clothing is from, be sure to watch the video. Of course, since I was using my own clothes, I was able to insert my personality into each look, and I’m really happy with the outcomes.

How to style bootcut jeans

Wear it with a cardigan

The first look is a simple one to put together. I paired my bootcut jeans with a white t-shirt and threw a cardigan on over it. I completed the look with a pair of boots and a brown belt. I also tried this look with a darker cardigan, and it looked great as well. This casual, effortless look is definitely a winner.

Style bootcut jeans

Mix casual and dressy

This next outfit is one I’ve worn often. I love the way this cut of jeans looks with a pair of converse or sneakers. Adding the dressier jacket, though, is an idea I got from the inspiration photo. Under the jacket, I put on a matching black t-shirt. I’m just really digging the way this outfit combines both a casual and a dressier vibe.

Bootcut jeans style

A little bit country

For this country-esque look, I went with some light-washed flare jeans and a green and blue plaid shirt. My pants didn’t have belt loops, but I felt like wearing a belt was a must for this one, so I just put it on around my waist. Matching the belt are a pair of cowboy boots, which are always a must if you’re going for a country vibe. This outfit can also be rocked with the shirt untucked. Both are super cute. 

Style flare jeans

Rocker chic

For this rocker chic style, I paired black flare jeans with a rocker T. Matching the leopard on the shirt is a leopard print belt. I’m not sure if I maybe have too much animal print going on in this outfit, though. To complete the look, I put on a pair of heeled booties. All in all, it’s a fun look.

How to style flare jeans

Wear it with a cropped sweater

I love the look of this cropped sweater, but I’m constantly struggling to make it work. I think I finally nailed it, though. I paired it with my high-waisted flare jeans with pretty buttons that show under the sweater. I tried tucking the front of the shirts into the jeans, but I actually felt like the jeans were too high-waisted for that to work, so I decided to leave the sweater untucked. I finished off this comfortable and effortless outfit with my initial boots. 

Style your flare jeans

Plain solid t-shirt

The last look is inspired by someone I saw on Instagram. I love the way she rocks a plain, solid t-shirt with some jeans and boots. So for this look, I went with a baggy black t-shirt, black bootcut jeans, and some black water booties. I don’t think this is my favorite style on me, but it was still fun to try it out! 

Style your bootcut jeans

I think these all came out so cute. Each outfit is a completely different style and fits its own vibe. I just think it’s so cool that you can create such contrasting looks out of the same style of pants. As mentioned, all these styles were inspired by internet pictures, and honestly, I think I did a pretty good job of recreating the looks. Which of these are you most likely to wear? Let me know in the comments! 

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  • Sue Sue on Dec 03, 2020

    I like the rocker chic the best on you. Way to go. Helps to keep things from the landfill also keeps money in your pocket.

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Dec 16, 2020

    I love the wider bottom jeans. I am short and a senior and with boots I feel taller. When we put on a bit of weight the wider leg helps to cover the side view of you know what I mean. Thanks . You look very well proportioned.