Roses Are Red, Denim is Blue

by Shortgirlbigmood

I love a good pair of denim. That's not a revolutionary thought. Pretty sure most people have a favorite pair of jeans. I also think most people are willing to pay a bit extra to get that favorite fit. I am not most people. I want my expectations met at the lowest price possible. What can I say? I'm cheap and I can not lie. In comes Walmart! Y'all, they have upped their denim GAME! All for under $20 which is just the right price point for me. I did a quick little video review of six different styles which you can see here:

But if you're more of a reader than a watcher (like me) then here's a quick rundown...

Let's start with a couple wins!

These girlfriend jeans are winner winner chicken dinner. They took the mom jean and made them better. I'm in love.

Just in time for fall, an amazing pair of flare jeans that hug and slim in just the right places.

These carpenter jeans, though? I felt like I should be on a construction site! These were a no go with no shape to speak of...

These skinnies had great shape - and stretch - and I gave them two thumbs up!

Also getting a thumbs up are these cut offs that are just the right length for us with short legs, but without showing off anything we don't wanna.

The most comical of them all were these skater jeans which I would need to be 8' tall to make work. Hard no on this one. If you have longer legs or are just taller in general, they could be very cute.

Did you have a favorite pair you'd like to try? You can check them all out on my LiketoKnow.It and make sure you're following me on Instagram so you don't miss out on any of my fashion shares!

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