1 Cute Black Jumpsuit, 8 Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas, From Formal to Casual

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

Today, I’m going to give you some incredible jumpsuit outfit ideas! It’s amazing how you can style one piece of clothing differently for various occasions. If you have a jumpsuit lying around, head over to your closet and see how you can style cute jumpsuit outfits.

I’ll be using a black jumpsuit outfit for this tutorial as it works best with just about everything, but if you have another color, that should also work! Just be mindful of using prints or colors that may clash. Let’s start!

Black jumpsuit outfit ideas

Black jumpsuit with a statement belt

1. Jumpsuit with a statement belt

The first jumpsuit outfit is pretty straightforward. Use a statement belt to accessorize your black jumpsuit. As you can see, it gives a really nice edge to the whole outfit and accentuates my waistline, too.

This works for work, brunch dates, or even dinner dates. It’s simple, sexy, and chic! 

Black and red jumpsuit blazer outfit

2. Jumpsuit with a blazer

The next look is more adventurous. I decided to add a pop of color to this jumpsuit blazer outfit. As you can see, there’s nothing to this outfit except for the blazin’ blazer that really transforms the vibe and gives it a more professional and elegant feel. 

Casual jumpsuit outfit

Black jumpsuit with a white button-up shirt

3. Jumpsuit with a button-up shirt

Here, I threw on a plain button-up shirt and rolled the sleeves for a more laidback feel. I love this look for the office, as the shirt gives it a more formal yet playful vibe. I decided to tie the bottom of my shirt and remove the belt from my jumpsuit. It’s such a great look! 

Cute jumpsuit outfits

4. Pretty in pink

This casual jumpsuit outfit is just another example of how a pop of color really goes a long way! Here, I opted for a bright pink ¾-sleeve crop top in bright pink. I think it’s super casual and makes for a great outfit when running errands or meeting friends for coffee. 

Formal jumpsuit outfits

5. Monochrome jumpsuit outfit

This is super classic. I’m wearing my favorite blazer that sits so snug on my body. This monochrome look is guaranteed to get attention. It looks well-rounded and cohesive. 

Adding a black belt to the monochrome outfit

Remember the belt I showed you in the first black jumpsuit outfit? I decided to wear it with this black blazer and oh, my! It looks absolutely fab! 

Black jumpsuit outfit with a knit sweater

6. Jumpsuit with a knit sweater

Here’s another super simple way of dressing up your jumpsuit - just throw on a comfy knit sweater! This cozy yet put-together ensemble is perfect for the cold season. 

Jumpsuit with an oversized shirt

7. Jumpsuit with an oversized shirt

Unlike the first button-up shirt, this one is an oversized shirt. Oversized shirts and t-shirts are the in-thing right now. Pairing this with a jumpsuit looks spectacular and covers you up on the days that you don’t feel like having a body-hugging outfit.

Jumpsuit outfit ideas

8. T-shirt style

Ok, this one is definitely for the casual folk! Here, I simply tie the t-shirt in the front to give a more cropped effect. Also, I feel this way, and it accentuates my curves. 

Jumpsuit outfit ideas

Those are just a few jumpsuit outfit ideas, ranging from casual to formal. You can wear something over the top, so that the jumpsuit acts like pants, or play around with jackets and shirts. What’s your favorite style? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  • LunaR1776 LunaR1776 on Jan 07, 2022

    I’m so into vintage styles- been wanting to try a jumpsuit but wasn’t sure how versatile it could be. Thank you for showing me there are so many gorgeous ways to change it up!!