Save or Splurge: 5 Must Have Sandal Styles for This Summer.

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Save or Splurge: 5 must have sandal styles for this summer.

As the iconic Carrie Bradshaw once said, "sometimes it's really hard to walk in a woman's shoes. That's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun." Whether you are a spender like Ms. Bradshaw or a fashionista on a budget, I am here to share my favorite must have sandal styles that will keep your walks a little more fun this summer.

The Studded Sandal

I purchased this pair of studded strappy sandals last year and they are one of my absolute favorites. They go with any outfit and make anything I wear a little more fun and edgy. I have paired these shoes with shorts, dresses, pants, jeans. The possibilities are endless with these lovelies. The Steve Madden sandals that I purchased were definitely a little more of a 'splurge" because of the price tag. Last year they were totally a one of a kind and new to the scene. Fortunately, this year there are many dupes that came out and with a much more affordable price tag. The ones I am showing here are from Shein and look almost identical to the ones that I purchased last year.

Buckle Sandals

If you are a 90's child then you know these were HUGE in the late 90's. Wearing them with are cargo jeans and A&F sweaters was the trendy thing to do. When these came back on the scene I was all for trying them out again. I am sure glad that I did! These sandals are super comfy and easy to wear as your running errands or chasing after kids. I have found that the more that you were them the better they get! Now as we all know the Birkenstock brand is a little pricey. Sometimes you can find a good sale, but for the most part they usually hover around $100. The good news is that there are PLENTY of affordable dupes out there. Walmart has some great buckle sandals that looks so similar to the real thing that no one would ever know! If you are a busy mama or a casual Sunday type of gal, get your hands on a pair of these. Your feet will be so happy you did!

The Medallion Sandal

I love the look of a sandal with a big 'ol medallion on the top. I like that you can dress these up or down, but are super comfortable to wear all day. My Tory Burch Miller sandals are a classic sandal that I wear for years and years. They never go out of style and I can literally wear them with anything. Their comfort and versatility is definitely a good thing because they are quite an investment (and the tippy top of my shoe budget). Although I absolutely love my Millers, I have to say there are some really great dupes that have become available recently. My favorite pair has to be the Circus by Sam Edleman sandals. They are designed so similarly to the Miller and look just as classic and stylish but without the 3 digit price tag. I also found some even cheaper dupes on Amazon that also look great and are less than $20! So whatever your budget- you can get this great and classic look that will easily make your summer outfits look amazing!

The Peep Toe Bootie

As you can probably tell, I really love shoes. But there is one designer that really has a strong hold on my heart (and wallet). Vince Camuto shoes are my absolute favorite. They are made so well and are so unbelievably comfortable. The best part about Vince Camuto shoes is you can usually find some GREAT deals on them at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack (definitely look out for the sales I got the snakeskin booties for less than $30 in the middle of winter!). My favorite pairs are the peep toe booties that I own. They are perfect 3 season shoes (Spring, Summer, & Fall) because they provide your foot with enough coverage to keep them warm but the little peep to let your toes get some fresh air. The block heal is something that comfortable enough to wear to work or trendy enough to wear out to dinner. If you aren't feeling the Vince Camuto price tag (or if you can't find them on sale), Target has some great options that look just as amazing as my Vince Camutos! Whatever you choose make sure to have a pair of these on hand to give you and your outfits some height this summer.

The Square Toe

One of this seasons biggest trends is the square toe shoe. At first I was a little skeptical of this trend because if have little chubby feet. But once I tried a pair I really loved how different these looked from the other sandals that I own. The square toe is a signature look of a very high end designer that is WAY out of my shoe budget. The good news is so many companies copied this look that you can find similar styles of this trendy square toe for almost ANY price. I chose to purchase my pair of sandals from Shein. They are super cute and comfy. Obviously for the $20 I paid they aren't made of valuable leather, but that just means I can wear them to the pool without having any regrets! Shein also has many other square toe options available. I highly recommend checking out their shoes because you can get a lot for your money!

I hope that this post helps you find some really fun shoes to jazz up your summer. As always give me a follow on IG and if you want to be up to date on my favorite looks and sales. Thanks for joining me! Go forth and shop

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