Sustainable Boots Styled 3 Ways

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

I recently discovered a sustainable footwear brand that I think you're going to LOVE. Here's why...

Thesus Outdoors ethically produces ALL of their boots in Portugal.

They produce their boots from recycled plastic and clean-rubber (rubber that isn't produced from petroleum by-products), so they're much better for the environment to produce.

And, they're super cute!

Here are my top tips for styling chunky winter boots:

Contradict the boots.

Don't ever be afraid to style the unexpected. Pair these chunky boots with a dainty dress to play with masculine and feminine qualities.

Compliment the boots.

Play up the aesthetic of the boot. Pair these work boots with a plaid button-up (traditionally associated with lumber-jack/working types) and loose, baggy jeans.

But keep it cute! Go for a fitted tank top underneath and braids.

Adventure in the boots!

The previous looks are styling the boots for everyday, but these boots can handle an adventure.

Dress them with colorful hiking clothes to add a layer of fun to your outdoor activities.

Whether you have a pair of Thesus Outdoor boots, or you're looking to style a similar pair that you already own (think: Timberlands or even Doc Martins) these tips should work.

Let me know how you style your chunky winter boots!


Ms. Melior

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