How to Style a Sexy Leopard Print Dress 3 Ways

by Iam.morganb

Hey babes! Thank you so much for stopping by today! I know it has been a VERY LONG TIME, but this time I am here to stay and make it worth your while. I am still going to provide the latest and greatest style tips as well as other things that can serve you and help you “Style Up” in this thing called life. But first, let us get into this dress shall we.

Leopard print is an all time favorite of mine. I love it because:

  1. This print can be worn year round without anyone calling the “fashion police”!
  2. It pairs well with any color due to it being a neutral color/print.
  3. Lastly, it is something that you NEED in your closet to help you maximize your wardrobe.

I always say that versatility is key, and if you cannot style an item more than 3 ways (with the exception of formal wear) then you do not need it in your closet. So today I am going to show you how to style a sexy leopard print dress 3 ways so that it does not just sit in your closet!

Style 1: Dressy WearFirst up is dressy wear. A simple way to look and feel sexy. This dress has great stretch, and the straps make it even more attractive.

Even though I was already the center of attention in this dress, I wanted to go for a glam look. I paired the sexy leopard print dress with my rhinestone studded, cinderella Steve Madden heels (similar pair can be found here), a clear iridescent shoulder bag that I turned into a clutch by putting the chain strap inside the purse, and a pair of glam hoop earrings.

This is a great and fun way to start styling this sexy leopard print dress. Pair with your favorite accessories, and have a great night! Similar bag and earrings can be found here and here.

Style 2: Casual Wear

The next style is casual wear. This is a great look for brunch, lunch date, or meeting up with a new client, etc.

Add your favorite pair of jeans over the leopard dress and turn it into a sexy top. The stretch fit of the dress is good to roll it under your hips, and tuck the remaining in your jeans. Genius right?!

I am not a big fan of my arms. So to cover up I added my black blazer to make it business casual. Blazers are another favorite of mine, and another way to “Style Up” your wardrobe. I found this blazer at my local thrift store and have been in love ever since. If you do not own a blazer… GET ONE ASAP!

The blazer is a bit big and the fanny pack was a great added bonus, because I used it as a belt to cinch in my waist.

Style 3: Street Wear

The last style of the blog is street wear. Street wear is casual wear consisting of hoodies, graphic tees, tennis shoes, etc. I thought this was a really fun way to dress down the sexy leopard print dress, but still be able to “Style Up”.

*Style Tip* You can switch out the white tennis shoe for a colored tennis shoe.

I paired the dress with my all white Pumas and scrunchy socks. Tennis shoes are a mom’s best friend, and honestly if I could wear them all day everyday… I would! You can always switch out the white for a colored tennis shoe.

The scrunchy socks were giving me 80’s/90’s vibes and I added a bucket purse to add to the vibe. This purse is on MAJOR sale and can be found here.

In conclusion, the sexy leopard print dress can be styled in many ways. Don’t be conformed to just one style. Experiment what works for you and “Style Up” along the way. Let me know in the comments which look was your favorite style, and how would you change it to your own. I can’t wait to hear your your response. Until next time, “Style Up”!

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