How to Style a Halter Dress 3 Ways

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I love to find versatile pieces of clothing that I can style in different ways. Elastic back or waist dresses + skirts are easy to style into several new looks

A cute elastic back halter dress styled 3 different ways gives me lots of options depending on the occasion I am attending.

I bought this Hawaiian floral dress at my local Goodwill for $8.50. I always look for things with elastic that has a good stretch as they are the easiest to style. Thrift stores are a great way to stretch a fashion dollar and to experiment with new styles.

The first way is how the dress is intended to be worn. Loose fit and tied around the neck, adding some flip-flops and sunglasses, I am out the door in no time. Perfect for just about any occasion.

Worn the exact same way but adding a belt to define the waist, cute shoes, and a hat turns it into a dressier style instantly.

The 3rd option is to pull the dress down as a skirt, tying it around the waist. Adding a bright tank top and white kimono for a more casual feel.

Taking off the kimono gives a more defined look that you could wear just about anywhere. The hat while not a necessity for all these looks, gives visual interest and up-styles the outfits.

Amazon sells similar dresses, the key is to make sure to find one that has very stretchy elastic so it can also be worn around the waist/hips.

I bought my pink hat on eBay last summer for $6. is also a great place to find them inexpensively. Amazon carries them year-round for a higher price but you get a lot of choices in color. They are not only stylish but add great sun protection. A white, black and natural one will go with just about everything in your closet, a very inexpensive way to give new life to your summer outfits.



Suggested materials:
  • Dress   (Goodwill)
  • Hat   (eBay)

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