3 Ways to Tie a Halter Dress

I’ll be honest. I haven’t worn a halter dress in years. In fact, I think I’ve only bought (and subsequently worn) one halter dress in my life. It was for my 8th grade dance and it got a lot of wear after that as well. I’ve even wore it in the past 5 years before giving it to my younger sister. I digress. The point being, it’s not that I don’t like halter tops or dresses. They just don’t typically grab my attention enough to want to buy them. However, as I rent a lot of things now from Nuuly & Rent the Runway, I can wear more halters without really “paying for it”.

Today I wanted to share 3 different ways you can tie and wear a halter dress. Really, this goes for any halter, not just a dress. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a classic halter. But, if you have one that you love and wear a lot, these are a few ways you can mix it up a little.

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Classic Halter Dress

The simplest way to wear a halter is just taking the two straps and tying them directly behind your neck. No fancy tie work required. While this a classic way to wear a halter, I feel like it is the least flattering on me. Especially if the halter is extra low. It also doesn’t feel as secure as some other ways you can tie a halter. But, it is classic and you can really never go wrong with tying it like this.

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Criss Cross Front

Criss Cross necklines are becoming more and more popular. And the great thing is, you don’t have to buy a criss cross only top or dress. A halter dress can easily be tied in a criss cross neckline. This tie helps me feel more secure and is a great lift for the girls. It’s simple to tie too. Instead of going straight back, cross the straps to the opposite side of your neck.

One Shoulder

This way is a little tricker than the others to tie. Admittedly, it took me some time to figure out how to secure. Take both straps and pull to one side of neck. Wrap ends around neck and secure under the one shoulder strap. I only felt comfortable securing this tie one way. However, I can imagine instead of wraping around your neck, you can wrap it under your arm and tie as well. Of all the ways to wear a halter dress, I think this way ended up being my favorite.

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