3 Quick, Elegant & Easy Ways to Tie an Hermes Plisse Scarf

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you three ways to style a Hermes Plisse scarf. A Plisse scarf has soft pleats in it, making it more textured than a regular scarf.

I think that scarves make excellent accessories, and I enjoy trying out lots of different ways to tie them. Follow along as I take you through each of these three styles step by step. So grab your Plisse scarf, and let’s begin.

If you are new to scarf tying, a Plisse scarf is great for beginners. All 3 of the following neck scarf styles are based on elementary knots, but a few modifications make it look like you are a scarf expert.

The best way to wear it, in my opinion, is with a simple t-shirt or long-sleeve top. My Plisse scarf size is 27” x 27”( 70 x 70cm) and it is 100% polyester. You can find a similar one on Etsy.

Plisse scarf style 1

Folding the scarf and placing it around the neck

1. Fold

Fold the scarf in half and place it over your neck. When it comes to folding and tying these kinds of scarves, just follow the movement of the fabric.

Tying a single knot in the scarf

2. Tie

Tie a single knot on one side of the scarf.

Pulling out the outer part of the scarf

3. Pull out

Pull the outer part of the scarf to widen it.

The best ways to wear a Hermes Plisse scarf

Here is the first style; it is a beautiful accessory that is easier to tie than most people would think.

Plisse scarf style 2

Tying a double-knot in the scarf

1. Tie

Tie a double knot with one end much longer than the other.

Tucking the long end through the knot

2. Tuck

Pass the long end through the knot, and the Plisse scarf will create a shell shape.

Hermes Plisse scarf tying

3. Pull out 

Again, finish off by just fanning out the fabric.

How to tie an Hermes Plisse scarf

Here is the second look. The shell-like shape at the side is a nice unique little touch.

Plisse scarf style 3

Tying a knot with one end longer than the other

1. Tie a knot

For the final look, position the scarf so that one side is much longer than the other, and then tie a single knot.

Tying a half bow with the scarf

2. Tie a half bow

Next, tie a half bow.

Pulling out the scarf to make a flower shape

3. Pull out

Once again, finish off by fanning the half-bow out to make a flower shape.

How to wear an Hermes Plisse scarf

Here we have the third look. You can leave the ends of the scarf as they are like this.

Hermes Plisse scarf tutorial

Or you also have the option to tuck the ends into the center of the flower.

Hermes Plisse scarf tutorial

There we have three different ways to wear a Plisse scarf. Each of these looks is very elegant, and they were all very straightforward to tie; I hope you’ll give them a go.

Let me know which scarf look is your favorite in the comments below.

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