4 Cute Summer Outfits With White Shorts

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In this style guide, I’m going to be showing you some summer outfits with white shorts.

I’ll be taking one pair of white shorts and creating multiple outfits, as this is a great way to maximize my wardrobe.

Yellow top outfit

1. Yellow top outfit

Here, I’m wearing my pair of wide-leg white shorts with a paper-bag waist, and I’ve styled them with a mustard yellow top. The top has some ruffle details on the sleeves as well as a cute tie around the neck.

The great thing about white shorts is that you can pair them with absolutely any color.

For shoes, I went for a pair of wedges that have yellow straps that tie in with the top.

I kept accessories very simple with a pair of gold tube earrings and finished the outfit with a small wicker tote.

Black top outfit

2. Black top outfit

In the next outfit, we’re dressing down the shorts to create more of a laid-back look.

I’m styling them with a black t-shirt, and I feel like it doesn't get any more casual than this. These shorts are so versatile that they give you the option to dress them up, dress them down, or go for somewhere in between.

For shoes, I went for a pair of black dad sandals that are super comfy for the summer and give off a relaxed, casual vibe.

To spruce up the look, I added a black belt that has a gold buckle to it, gold hoop earrings, and a gold chain necklace. These simple accessories help to make the simple outfit look more chic. A wicker bag completes the look.

Open shirt outfit

3. Open shirt outfit

This is another dressed-down look where I’m styling the white shorts with a pair of sneakers.

For the top, I went for a purple ribbed sleeveless top and added a black and white striped shirt as a light layer over it.

You can also do the reverse of this and go for a printed sleeveless top and then through a shirt in a plain color over the top.

I really like how the sneakers and the top are in the same color, as it ties the whole look together. 

Blazer outfit

4. Blazer outfit

For the last outfit, we’re going for something dressed-up. Here, I’ve gone for a white top and a mustard-colored blazer over it.

This is a great date-night summer outfit, and I love how the blazer adds a nice pop of color to the monochrome base.

For footwear, I went for a pair of ankle-strapped block-heel sandals that give the look an elevated touch.

I added a brown colored belt that has a gold buckle to it. A belt is a great added accessory to any look. A black bag with some gold chain detail completes the look.

Outfits with white shorts

There we have four ways that you can style white shorts this summer. Whether you’re dressing for a formal or casual occasion, there is a way that you can wear these shorts.

Let me know which outfit you like best in the comments below.

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