Pattern Matching: How to Style Houndstooth Print

Lea Style
by Lea Style

Houndstooth print is timeless and will never go out of style. But still, it can be incredibly hard to dress up. I thought that I would share with you guys some of the outfits I love to wear and hopefully give you some inspiration on how to style houndstooth print!

Houndstooth pants

Color match it 

Because houndstooth is so difficult to match, the first step is to wear it with the same colors it already features; in my case, that’s black and white. I went ahead and paired my pants with a loose sweater and leather jacket. Because my pants are tight, the bulky top pairs really nicely. The leather jacket makes the outfit a little edgier and the loafers serve as a nice contrast to the rest of the outfit. I also love the chunky gold chain on the shoes and urge you to add some pops of gold if you can! 

Houndstooth trousers

Add some color 

Adding a little color can seem daunting with houndstooth print, but the results are more than worth it. I went with a soft lilac sweater. I also added a white button-down underneath, popping the collar out for that extra detail. Next, I added a cute purse. I made sure the purse had some gold and pearl detailing, to give my outfit a little more personality. 

Houndstooth style

Keep it casual 

Houndstooth print can feel sophisticated, but it all depends on how you style it. To keep it casual, I wore my pants with an oversized black sweater, a leather jacket, and simple black sneakers. Next, I grabbed a beige bag. I figured a light color would balance out the dark top and pull the whole outfit together. 


Avoid boots when wearing this print. The boot will cut off the print and ruin the look. 

Houndstooth skirt

Dress it up 

Now that we’re styling the skirt, we’re getting a little fancier. For this first skirt outfit, I went a little winter chic. I chose to wear the same white sweater as earlier. I tucked it into the skirt and paired the outfit with some black over the knee boots. I also wanted to show you guys how a fun purse can go a long way with the flowered purse from earlier. And for those really cold days, this outfit goes great with a matching coat! 

How to style houndstooth print

For something a little darker, you can recreate the same outfit with a black sweater or turtleneck. Another option is to add a belt or hat (or both) for some detailing and personality. 

Add a leather jacket to the skirt

Add a leather jacket 

We’re going back to that edgy leather jacket, but this time we’re making it girly! Paired with a skirt and a plain black turtleneck, this leather jacket is the perfect detail. It takes the outfit to the next level. Next, I added sheer black tights and some chunky black boots. I love this look because it is so versatile. Depending on how you style it, you can make it a little more casual or a little girlier. 

Wear the skirt business casual

Make it formal 

If you want something a little more formal, or business appropriate, a white button-down shirt pairs great with this skirt! Personally, I wanted something with a little more personality, so I added a belt and some chunky boots, but adding a blazer and some flats can be a perfect business outfit. 

Add a bright pink top

Add bright colors 

I love wearing houndstooth print with some bright colors. This pink really brightens up the outfit and makes it a little more adventurous. I think that adding a really bright pink is super fun and makes the outfit really cool, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for something a little tamer, try adding a softer color. 

Add a light peach top

I chose to try it with a pale peach blouse. I love how soft and romantic this look is. I paired it with my knee-high boots and beige bag. I think the accessories balance the outfit really well. The print is already loud, and pairing it with basics lets it shine. 

Fun houndstooth outfits

I hope you guys got some inspiration from this video, I know I certainly had a fun time making it. The outfits I put together are favorites of mine and I’d love to see what you guys can come up with too! Comment down below your best outfit with houndstooth pants or skirts!

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  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 19, 2021

    Red is my choice as well but I have seen emerald green(you may call it grass or kelly green) paired very nicely with black and white houndstooth.

  • Leslie Leslie on Jan 15, 2022

    Hi Lea, VERY WELL DONE!! Some patterns shouldn't be mixed with other patterns unless a person is VERY good at mixing things up. I have seen pattern mixing on Upstyle that made me gag and I am not being mean it is just a very hard thing to do well. Thank you for your good eye. P.S. I love hot pink and black too if the values are the same :)