Easy Hack for Turning Any Sock Into a No-show Sock

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Don’t you hate it when socks ruin the look of your loafers?

I mean, you want the protection at your heels because, let’s face it, shoes just aren’t that comfortable without socks.

But having the sock show around your ankles is so basic! Who wants that?

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Tools and materials:

  • Short sports socks
Socks with loafers

You can get no show socks of course, but we don’t always have them around.

This really quick hack works with short sports socks like the ones I’m wearing here.

Wearing sock

1. Wear

Put on the sock as normal. It doesn’t have to be padded like mine.

Adjusting sock

2. Hold

Grab the sock between your fingers and thumbs at the ankle.

Pull it under your foot, turning it inside out as you do so, as if you’re about to take it off.

Don’t pull it all the way off though.

Adjusting sock

3. Pull

Still holding the heel section, pull it over your toes and under your instep.

Adjusting sock

4. Wrap

Bring it under and around your heel. Pull it up until it feels secure but won’t show at the back of your shoes.

Now slip on your shoes and adjust the height of the sock if you need to.

Easy hack for turning any sock into a no-show sock

Easy hack for turning any sock into a no-show sock

Make sure it’s not visible at your ankle. 

Your toes and heel are still padded, but you don’t have that ugly sock showing above the shoe.

Now tell me how cool this is! Don’t you just love it?

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Suggested materials:
  • Short sports socks

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