Re-purposing a Duster Cardigan

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by Sarah Lux Chronicles
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I am a huge advocate for using all of your clothes in your closet. Cardigans CAN be used for more than two or three seasons.

As a matter of fact, you can wear them all year round.

I found this cardigan a few seasons ago, and have been using it as a cardigan but then realized it has buttons and a tie-belt!!!

What better way to re-purpose than to turn it into a dress!

This cardigan is thicker material and ribbed. That made it easier to make this into a dress. I would not recommend a thinner or shorter duster due to being see-through or too short.

I did go true to size with this one but I would recommend going a size larger for length! One thing I do love is the cardigan came with additional buttons which I can add to the bottom instead of have a larger slit in the front.

Overall, this is a perfect way to re-purpose a piece in the closet that is usually stored away for the majority of the year.

What's even cooler is you don't have to have a duster cardigan with buttons already. You can snag some from your local hobby store and sew them on to achieve this same look!

Do you have a cardigan in your closet that you can re-purpose?

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