What Styling Your Sweater Says About You

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

Crewneck sweaters are the foundation of a fall wardrobe.

I was at coffee the other day with friends and we were laughing at how we all were wearing a crewneck sweater but in completely different ways!

We casually came up with what styling your sweater says about you.

This is, of course, all for fun. But that's what fashion is all about!

And maybe you can relate to how you wear yours.

Or you'll discover a new way to style your sweater....

Over the shoulders

You're elegant and classy. You enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer, but aren't afraid to pamper/treat yourself from time to time.

You're the gal your friends go to for fashion advice and you don't shy away from attention.

Around the waist

You're athletic... or at least it feels like you should be with how busy you are! You're always doing something and don't care to fret about how you wear your sweater, just as long as you have it.

You're the one with the most energy and are always willing to help others when they need.

Strictly wear it

You're the most practical of your friend group. If you're not wearing it, you don't bring it... what's the point?

You're reliable and a go-getter!

Across the chest

You're the "it" girl. You put in the extra effort to stand out. You love experimenting with fashion.

You know how to have fun and make those around you feel welcomed and loved!

Which gal are you?


Ms. Melior

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