Why I Love High Waisted Bikinis

I’ll be honest, I loved high waisted bikinis as soon as I saw one. However, it took me some time to jump on the bandwagon and actually buy one. I’m not sure why that is but here are my theories. When I first started seeing them was around the time my parents first started letting me wear bikinis and I wanted to be as scandalous as possible. (Ok not that scandalous, I’m certainly more scandalous now than when I was in high school). Or maybe it’s because I felt like they wouldn’t look good on me. I feel like because I am more petite that I have a small torso and that just won’t look good. Needless to say, once I tried one high waisted bikini I wanted them all. Let me just tell you why.

High Waisted Bikinis for You, and You, and Every Body!

The number one reason I love high waisted bikinis is because I feel confident and sexy in them. It doesn’t matter that I just ate a chipotle burrito and have a massive food baby, I still look and feel great. I think we all struggle sometimes with thinking our body isn’t good enough. Maybe it’s something someone said to you one time, or that we compare ourselves to others on social media far too much these days. Whatever the reason, it’s good to recognize just how amazing our bodies are and to feel great in them. A high waisted bikini does that for me, even on my bad days. This was kind of implied before but without a doubt, high waisted bikinis look good on everyone. Whether you have a long torso, a small torso, a juicy butt, or a tiny one, I think they always look stunning on everyone. It’s almost like a reverse tankini. Here are just a few of my favorite high waisted bikinis on the market right now. (Including my all time favorite flamingo bikini).

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