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Want to know how to install grommets? I have the perfect tutorial for you! I decided to invest in a good universal die press machine since my previous efforts of installing grommets and rivets seemed to be a little tedious. In this tutorial, I will show you just how easy it is hot to install grommets with the die press. Not only does the die press install grommets, but it functions as a snap button installer, how cool? So investing in one of these is totally worthwhile! Now to the exciting part; learn how to install grommets!

Tools and materials:

  • Universal die press
  • Mini eyelet setter
  • Grommets
  • Mini eyelets
  • Leather
How to install grommets in leather

Punch holes

Determine where you’d like your grommet to be placed and punch a fitting hole. Now here’s the crucial part; punch a hole that is a little smaller than the eyelet itself. Essentially, the hole should fit snug around the eyelet. If the leather stretches a bit- that’s great!

How to install large grommets

Install the grommet

Once your hole is punched and sits tight around the grommet, you can proceed to the installation process. Push the front part of the grommet through the hole, switch your material so that the leather is facing down, and place it on the die. Next, take the back part of the grommet, put it over the front grommet.

How to install small grommets

Once everything is in place, press down on your die press until every component fits in place. It’s that simple and easy!

How to install eyelets

How to change a die

If you want to know how to install various sized grommets, then the process remains the same but the die itself will have to be changed. Not every die will install any grommet. Just like grommets, dies come in different shapes and sizes. To install a smaller grommet, change the die according to its respective size. To change a die, simply unscrew the bottom part of your die press. Once unscrewed, carefully lift the die by turning it.

How to install in leather

The top die is easier; unscrew it till it comes out.

Learn how to install grommets

Install mini eyelets

Mini eyelets are cute, yet their function is totally different. You will see these are used more for decorative purposes. Installing these cuties requires a similar process as grommets; except that you will be using a mini eyelet setter as pictured. Punch a slightly smaller hole so that the mini eyelet sits snug, push the eyelet through, slightly squeeze the eyelet with the setter, and you’re done!


The mini eyelet does not come with a back piece- when you press on it with the setter, the eyelet literally folds over. That’s why you need to make sure you are using the eyelet setter the right way. The front part is for the top and the back part of the setter is placed at the bottom.

So there you have it! I really love my die press machine because as you can see, it really gets the job done. I also love that it’s universal and that I can change the die according to my needs. If you want to learn how to install grommets in leather, then this is a super easy, hassle-free way to go about it.


Suggested materials:
  • Universal die press
  • Mini eyelet setter
  • Grommets
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